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3D Screen Golf Simulator Twin Sensor Plus Software
3D Screen Golf Simulator Twin Sensor Plus Software
Gold Fame Int'l Enterprises Co

Gold Fame Int'l Enterprises Co

Hong Kong


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  • M&G screen golf is a simulator designed for people to enjoy the game indoor.
  • Screen golf simulator consists of a high resolution projector with comprehensive, external structure of high quality materials, screen which can absorb strong strike and impact, sensor including swing analyzer, well known brand computer control panel, which will definitely not affect the swing and struck and shot, and automatic golf feeder system.
  • Screen golf simulator realizes 100% home golf leisure, provided twin sensor. Maximum 75,000 take per second. it will not be affected by the interference form outside scattering. Measure toe/tee/center shot, and calculate left draw and right draw. Measure take off angle. Free to move hitting point, and distinguish between club and golf.
  • Screen golf simulator realizes 100% home golf leisure,
  • Uses twin sensor, can measure flight angle through the swing trajectory.
More features:
  • Measure toe/tee/center shot, calculate draw and fade.
  • Can analyses high accuracy hit quality.
  • Hit radian: can measure -8 deg to +75 deg.
  • Left and right take off angle: can measure -30 deg to +45 deg.
  • Wooden pole: can measure 0 deg to +75 deg.
  • Can be free to move the contact point.
  • Adjust drive and driver position to prolong the practice target change period
  • Can make use of all the space.
  • Can be free to select mode of pole.
  • Correctly distinguish between golf club and ball. Missing swing will not generate wrong message.
  • Maximum 75,000 per second of take.
  • Not disturbed by scattered wave.
  • Not only can analyses the hit, but also can measure the flight distance and ballistic trajectory.
  • Can read the hook and slice, draw and fade.
  • 1% tolerance of backspin and slide spin measure.
  • Undergoes unlimited site test, guarantee 90% accuracy.
  • Screen golf simulator provides 40 golf courses. Comprehensive golf course gallery (basic 40 pictures).
  • Constantly update to realize more golf courses.
  • The normal delivery time for the golf simulator is 1 week.
  • Installation of the system can be done in basically everywhere in the world.
  • Installation fee will be negotiable.
  • The normal size of the screen is 4m width x 2.8m length (can be made smaller or bigger).
  • The number of courses for the golf simulator provided is 50.
  • The distance from striking to the screen is 5 to 6 meter.
  • The game mode can be many types of golf related game and some other types.
  • Golf Room business is a new one combined golf as a public sports and desire as leisure.
  • It is totally different from traditional golf practice ranges, and this is a new business model providing new service.
  • It is installed at the indoor and outdoor practice ranges, sports center, hotel and condominium, and businesses.

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