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Adjustable Office Swivel PU Leather Gaming Chair
Adjustable Office Swivel PU Leather Gaming Chair
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Firstsing Co Ltd
Guangdong, Mainland China
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Exporter, Manufacturer
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Adjustable Office Swivel PU Leather Gaming Chair 
  • Armrests :2D Backrest
  • Type High
  • Backrest reclining up to 180 degrees
  • Load capacity up to 150 kg
  • Rocking chair function: Yes
  • Lifting mast: 4 levels
  • Armrest: 2D soft surface
  • Wheels: rice wheel
  • Steel frame pipe wall: 1.5
  • Fabric: PU prismatic embossed leather
A modern design borrowed from racing seats, pleasant leatherette materials, soft upholstery, and two neck and lumbar pillows.

- Availability of additional pillows to support the head and back.
- Backrest tilt adjustment range from 90 to 180 degrees.
- The armrests are adjustable in two different directions.
- Rocking chair function.
- Seat height adjustment.
- The chair is equipped with a 4th class gas lift.

The chair is equipped with a stable seat and additional cushions for the back and head, which will provide you with maximum comfort during use, along with reliable support for your body in an orthopedically correct position.

Rest in place
  • As you know, a short afternoon nap significantly improves memory performance, enhances cognitive skills and creativity, and also gives a boost of vivacity.
  • The gaming chair is able to provide all the conditions for this with its easily adjustable backrest, which reaches a maximum angle of 180 degrees.
Stability and reliability
  • The gaming chair is also equipped with a fourth class gas lift, which can withstand loads of up to 150 kg.
Extensive adjustment
  • The chair gives you versatile adjustment options for the various components of your computer chair.
  • You can freely adjust the seat height and backrest angle to get the most comfortable position, or use the rocking chair function after winning the next game session.
Adjustable armrests
  • The also allows easy adjustment of the armrests for added comfort and ease of use.
  • You have two versatile options at your disposal: adjustment in height and rotation around its axis, which will allow you to comfortably place your hands, getting ready for long gaming battles.
Feature rocking chairs
  • This gaming chair has the function of a rocking chair, the use of which makes it possible not only to relax after a long game, but also significantly improve the blood supply in the body.
  • The seat height adjustment also allows you to easily adjust the overall seat height thanks to a pneumatic mechanism.
  • The gaming chair can be swiveled up to 360 degrees for added comfort.
  • Optimal user height ranges from 1.5m to 1.85m.
  • This gaming chair is designed with the highest quality materials and components, making it extremely durable and resistant to deformation.
High-strength and stable
  • The gaming chair is equipped with a wide, high-strength nylon-coated D-pad, which makes the chair extremely stable, even with frequent movements, and allows it to reliably balance in various situations.