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Artusi 2.0 Cookware Set
Artusi 2.0 Cookware Set
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  • The type of cooking, passing via the material, is behind the shaping of the item and ultimately, the end results: each item of the collection has its own design story, its own essence and its own purpose. The series is divided into 5 macro categories, characterized by their material, to solve all of the main preparation problems in the kitchen, with optimum performance that will guarantee that the operational response is perfectly in line with the functional requirements.
  • Ductile, easy-to-handle aluminium is an excellent thermal conductor and provides even heat distribution for guaranteed balanced cooking results on any heat surface. The high-gauge aluminium cookware in the Artusi 2.0 range are coated in non-stick Toptek to guarantee excellent resistance and high levels of non-stick, in the name of healthier cooking and easier cleaning. This group includes frying pans, skillets and woks: extremely flexible items that are ideal for different cooking techniques, from lengthy preparation times and constant temperatures – as is the case for pot roasts and sauces – through to sautéing and frying – such as for ratatouille or omelettes.
  • Copper was one of the first materials used for cooking and it is no coincidence if today, it continues to guarantee performance levels way above any other material. Thanks to its high level of thermal conductivity, it allows fast cooking, which in turn boosts energy savings and will not attack foods, respecting the natural flavors and aromas.
  • Steel is a material that is sold in a wide variety of types and it is used in cooking because it is strong and easy to care for. The only flaw in steel is that it is not so excellent when it comes to even heat distribution and therefore, we decided to use the plus points of this alloy without neglecting to add our know how in the field of non-stick coatings.
  • The rectangular grill pan is the latest addition to the collection and could only be made in cast iron: an alloy of carbon and iron, which is hardwearing and durable, able to distribute heat evenly and to maintain it. Cookware made in this material is heavy and hardwearing: it stores and spreads heat, preventing localised overheating and guaranteeing even cooking results. Created with fire and made for fire, cast iron can withstand sudden temperature changes and does not absorb odours or flavours. This material is ideal for both grill plates as well as for preparing soups and stews, as it builds up heat for cooking recipes needing lengthy cooking times at low temperatures.

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