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Diamond-shaped Wine Glass
Diamond-shaped Wine Glass
US $400.00 - US $600.00
Toyo-Sasaki Glass Co Ltd

Toyo-Sasaki Glass Co Ltd

(Advertising Period Expired)

Tokyo, Japan


Product Attribute(s)
Full Surface Toughened/Anti-Scratch/Dishwasher-safe
Soda-Lime Glass
Model No.:
B-21124CS/B-21125CS in the photo
【B-21124CS】⌀73xH84・M91 385ml / 【B-21125CS】⌀60xH116・M84 400ml
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Carton
FINO Diamond
Exuding exquisite brilliance and clarity, this presented wine glass flaunts an edgy diamond-like silhouette designed with just the right angles to provide the perfect handhold. The refined and elegant glassware is also made with “fine clear”, a lead-free soda-lime glass, to ensure added durability, unrivaled brightness, and excellent clarity. Serve cocktails and other alcoholic beverages with this sleek tableware. 

“Fine clear” is a high-grade, environmentally friendly, non-lead soda-lime glass material developed by Toyo-Sasaki Glass. Expertly made in Japan, “fine clear” features excellent clarity, unmatched strength a brightness comparable to crystal glass, making it an ideal material for glassware. 
  • Material: lead-free soda-lime glass. 
  • Comes in a sleek and contemporary diamond-like shape. 
  • With a carefully designed outer edge that fits the hands perfectly to prevent dropping.
  • Perfect as stemless wine glasses, cocktail tumblers, and beer glasses. 
  • A high-grade glassware with supreme transparency. 
  • With an “ion toughening” technique applied to the entire surface to keep it durable whilst being thin and lightweight. 
  • Anti-scratch and dishwasher-safe. 
  • Made in Japan. 
  • ISO 14001.

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