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Disinfection and Epidemic Prevention Robot with RC Video controller plus AutoWaker autopilot system
Disinfection and Epidemic Prevention Robot with RC Video controller plus AutoWaker autopilot system
Production Lead Time:
25 day(s)
High Care Health Management Limited
Hong Kong
Export Agent, Franchising Agent, Others
Export Agent, Franchising Agent, Others
Average Response time:1 - 3 days
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Product Attribute(s)
Model No.:
White, Silver
930mm x 699mm x 348mm
Hong Kong, China, Asians Ports
Type of Payment:
PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash, Payme, T/T
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 piece
HUNTER Wheeled Silent Disinfection Robot is a high-efficiency electric disinfection robot specially developed for indoor and outdoor disinfection and epidemic prevention. It adopts electric liquid spraying, low noise, no fuel required, adjustable spraying flow rate, food, and medicine grade diaphragm pump, and ducted fan booster Suitable for a variety of strong oxidizing disinfectant, long-range, good atomization effect, remote driving control, and comprehensively meet the safety, reliability and efficiency requirements of disinfection work.

Product Features
  • An electric discharge liquid, low noise, high efficiency, no fuel, no heating component
  • Dual nozzle design, large water output, adjustable flow rate, controllable spray volume
  • Food and medical industry membrane pump, corrosion-resistant, suitable for all kinds of strong peroxide disinfectant
  • Provide ducted fan boost, longer range and finer mist, switch between two modes
  • Optional electric pan/tilt for remote angle control and automatic scanning and spraying
  • Can be equipped with an autopilot system or a remote driving FreeWalker 5G, unmanned operation

5G Remote Driving Composition
  • Intelligent robot mobile platform
  • A wire-controlled intelligent robot mobile platform that supports steering and forward and backward movement. 360 ° surround-view HD camera module, vehicle control terminal, router, and CPE 5G module, etc.
  • Cockpit Module
  • Including cockpit control kit, display module, mobile portable computing platform, interactive software, etc.

5G Remote Driving Features
  • Communication technology, ultra-horizon remote control, low latency and large bandwidth, stable and reliable
  • Integrated vehicle status display, control signal acquisition interaction, panoramic information display platform
  • Remote driving, unmanned scene, directly eliminate the infection
  • Avoid prolonged contact with disinfectant to protect the health of workers
  • Equipped with a high-definition camera, real-time transmission of live images, easy to control and track disinfection

5G Ultra Long-Range Drive / AutoWalker autopilot
  • AutoWalker integrates a mobile robot core control hardware system with a complete autonomous positioning and navigation solution. It has a built-in high-performance processor that can collect, filter, and fuse data received by various sensors such as lidar sensors, depth camera sensors, and ultrasonic sensors. Combined with supporting software interface applications, the robot's position information and surrounding environment information can be output efficiently and accurately, thereby realizing the robot's automatic navigation function.

Auto Walker Features
  • Multi-module and multi-sensor fusion environment sensing capability can be adapted to different types of disinfection robots
  • Quickly realize 2D and 3D mapping
  • Indoor and outdoor centimeter-level precision positioning
  • Fixed-point navigation, recording path, hand-drawn path, track mode, combined navigation
  • With automatic obstacle avoidance