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High Security 33-Zone Walk-through Metal Detector Gate
High Security 33-Zone Walk-through Metal Detector Gate
Production Lead Time:
10 day(s)
Topteches Industrial (H.K.) Limited
Hong Kong
Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Average Response time:1 - 3 days
Product Attribute(s)
Model No.:
modelAMH1300A walk-through detector gate
Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Minimum Order Quantity:
3 piece(s)
  • Walk-through metal detector, metal detector gate, metal detector door, security gate, security door
  • SOTUEmodelAMH1300A high-security 33-zone walk-through metal detector
  • It is an advanced high security multi-zone simultaneous alarm walk-through metal detector in the world when people pass through it, it can detect any small mass metal, by manual adjust its sensitivity for high sensitivity or low sensitivity to detect a small metal or a big metal. It is used widely in loss prevention and security inspection used widely in airport, court, prison, customhouse, big bus stations, train stations, factory, exhibition site, etc.
  • It inspects persons, hand-held parcels and luggage, and can locate a small metal, IED-device, weapons, ammunition, parts of weapons, bombs, etc..
  • Complete security detection, multi-zone alarm displays, high discrimination, high immunity to external interferences, high detection speed, high reliability with double alert.
  • 33 partition alarm zones from head to toe are displayed in one or two sides of this door and on its top operation panel.
  • Its Security level: overall gate sensitivity adjustment for 0~99 grades, each zone sensitivity can also be individually adjusted for 0 ~ 399 grades.
  • It can display an accurate detection location: LED light-emitting lights display the location of metal objects.
  • Through the control panel to operate it, its password-protected setting can be changed. Optional: This detector has 72 use occasion programs for your options to convenient uses for you.
  • Automatic calculation passer number & alarm number function, LED display digits. Induction to all metals have an intelligentized recognition processing functions.
  • Automatic checking and recovery function. When carrying any small mass metal passes through it and it detects this metal, its alarm will be given out, you can get an accurate warning location. Objective location alarm lights are displayed in one or two sides of this door and on its top operation panel. Adjustment sensitivity by hand.                                                   
Technical data:
  • Power supply: 110V ~ 220V (±10%), 50 / 60Hz.  Power: 12W.  Weight: about 50 kgs. Automatical adjustment.
  • Working environment: -35℃ ~ 70℃. 33 detection zones.
  • Exterior gate dimension: 2200 mm (H) x 880 mm (W) x 482 mm (depth).
  • Dimension of gate passageway: 2000 mm (H) x 700 mm (W) x 482 mm (depth).
  • Exterior gate dimension: 2200 mm (H) x 930 mm (W) x 482 mm (depth).
  • Dimension of gate passageway: 2000 mm (H) x 750 mm (W) x 482 mm (depth).
  • 33 detection zones.
  • Optional 18 detection zones. Optional: communication port RS232 or RS485. Optional: UPS battery for 8 / 16 / 24 / 48 hour working time.
Technical standards:
  • Conform to the U.S.A. FAA 3-gun testing standards and NILECJ-0601-00 safety standards.
  • European CE and EMC international security certificates, conform to ECAC international Security standard. Conform to the U.S.A. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)