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Intelligent Ocean World
Intelligent Ocean World
HKTDC Exhibitor
LA-DI-DA Baby Toy Co Ltd
Guangdong, Mainland China
Exporter, Manufacturer
Exporter, Manufacturer
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Product Attribute(s)
Model No.:
85 x 85 x 51cm
  • The mat is a flower shape with 6 petals.
  • It can stimulate the curiosity and infotainment of babies.
  • There are 26 interesting cartoon alphabets on the edge of mat, which strengthen baby's interest in learning.
  • It will show babies a mysterious sea world including a variety of colorful sea and shapes, interesting coral, fish by using a special printing technology, which is quite different from traditional ones.
  • Intelligent music box.
  • 15 soothing music with fast-forward function to choose songs amused babies and promote hearing.
  • Colorful lights in frosted lampshade with individually controlled switches.
  • Babies will be excited and vibrant about the lights.
  • Special intelligent automatic sensor help mommy take care of babies.
  • When babies' legs kicked the intelligent box, it will automatically turn on the music, which makes babies smile through tears.
  • And it also tell mother that the baby has woke up, which reduce the burden of guarding babies at all time.
  • This technology has the patent application.
  • Easy to use.
  • Body-building bracket is divided into four brackets and an intelligent box.
  • Directly open the four brackets, press on the top intelligent box to make it curved, then lock it.
  • Vice versa can fold.
  • Toy bars:
    Designers design the four brackets of different patterns and styles meticulously which are different from similar products on the market.
  • It can stimulate the development of babies' vision.
  • It is made from glass fiber pipe which is strong, long life and safe.
  • Hooks on the bracket is made from from non-toxic plastic, to ensure the quality in every detail.
  • Fish pendant pull oscillator.
  • Nontoxic EVA tail gutta-percha for molar when cut teeth.
  • There are vibrator and clear rattle in the middle of the stomach.
  • When draw out the rope and relax, the fish begin to shake, and the clear rattle automatically start shaking, which promote babies' vision and hearing unconsciously.
  • The clear rattle equip with a magic mirror, which promote babies discover themselves, and meet the baby's curiosity.
  • Smiling face turning rattle.
  • The smiling face can turn and shaked with special sounds.
  • New non-toxic, odorless EVA material for the transparent part.
  • And new non-toxic, odorless ABS material for other parts.
  • It is not easy to break after repeated tests to ensure the safe use of babies.
  • Monkey rattle.
  • Lovely smiling monkey rattle can be shaked with special sounds, which strengthen babies' energy.
  • Flower turning mirror.
  • This mirror is turnable, which stimulate the interest of self discovery.
  • And the unbreakable mirror ensures the safe use of babies.
  • Dolphin cushion.
  • It is convenient to lie down or bend over to play.
  • Babies can grasp, hold, tear, rubbing, kick and strike it.
  • Dolphin designs make the cushion blends into the play mat.
  • Colorful gift box with pisciform window.