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Kishu Charcoal
Kishu Charcoal
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The origin of the charcoal:
  • Charcoal has a long history, from the Japanese peace towards the period (800 years the Western calendar) begins when Kobo Daishi, is the master of spreading the system of carbon technology from China back to Japan, and widely distributed in parts of wakayama prefecture. Kumano was called charcoal.
  • The carbon in the local village south fired century, its good solid carbonaceous, and his use of the treasure. So Kishu clan has set up distribution channels, so that also make goods flowing throughout the territory; that this carbon will not only become an important source of finance within the clan, also in relief on the residents play a significant role.
  • Later, after Yongnian period of charcoal improved and technology, Yuan Lu years (Gregorian calendar 1700) Kishu charcoal wholesalers prepared in the house long left-back doors, in the Edo place to start selling produce improved over the Kumano charcoal, due to carbonaceous well, without a its right to make charcoal application to further popularize, folk take "prepared in the house" and "prepared", "long left-back door", "long", thus called "charcoal", and has spread so far in Japanese society, family mass of charcoal household name.
  • "Preparation in the house long left-back door" operation of the charcoal, wholesale stores, at the time in the Kishu Tanabe (now located in Japan, and song of the county Tanabe city), so "Kishu charcoal" in Japan is acknowledged to be carbon in need.
  • When the environment changes, many people only cloud in the housing story prepared, or Kobo Daishi, the legend, or empty Mu title, took advantage of one bad Mo, or hearsay, fresh and with them.
The effect of charcoal:
  • Charcoal is widely used, according to Akira Otsuki, MD, charcoal, magic teacher record book, and its effects can be summarized in eight basic functions:
  • The absorption of harmful chemical substances, the use of its non-toxic micro-organisms (disinfection, antiseptic effect).
The supply of natural minerals:
  • Of the deodorant effect.
  • Effect of humidity (moisture absorption and desorption of double effect).
  • Thermal effect of far infrared.
  • The use of negative ions to prevent oxidation, and purify the air.
  • Blocking harmful electromagnetic waves and radon gas.
  • Reduced molecular beam (water molecule group) to adjust the volatility.
The beauty of charcoal:
  • In the beauty, the charcoal can also bring the eight basic functions:
  • Remove the old dead skin cells.
  • Natural mineral supplement.
  • Rehabilitation skin antioxidant effect can make the skin moist.
  • Moisturizing effect.
  • Thermal effect of far infrared promote blood circulation.
  • Natural repair ability.
  • Enhance the skin the skin's immunity.
  • To improve physical fitness to prevent acidic.

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