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Lexuma XScan Portable Hidden Camera Detector (with Tracking App)
Lexuma XScan Portable Hidden Camera Detector (with Tracking App)
Lexuma Limited
Hong Kong
Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Average Response time:Within 24 hours
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Product Attribute(s)
Model No.:
88 x 42 x 15mm
 Hidden Camera Detection 
  • Through infrared scanning, XScan detects hidden cameras of radio wave, magnetic field, hidden wired or wireless camera equipment.
  • By looking through the viewfinder on the detector, you can easily find any hidden camera by its reflection of the red light.
  • Essential use for entering and staying in a new place. 
Motion Alert 
  • When the motion alert mode is on, a loud alarm of 130dB would ring immediately once your belongings are being moved.
  • The alarm would also be triggered by anything suspicious in motion nearby.
  • Perfect for hanging on the door of your hotel room, or on your belongings while waiting in the airport, so that you are protected from any malicious break ins or stealing.
Separation Alert
  • To further prevent your items from losing, you can pair up the detector with your phone through the app SwiftFinder, available on both the App Store and Google Play.
  • Once you turned on the separation alert switch, a reminding alarm would be made on your phone whenever your belongings are separated from you.
 Item Finder/ Tracker 
  •  To locate your belongings, you can open the app and click the ring button.
  • The detector attached to your items would then make a loud noise to reveal its location.
  • You can also monitor and track your lost item by reviewing recent drive history on the app.
Community Search 
  • If your Lexuma XScan is attached to your lost item,
  • your detector would be connected to other XScan devices automatically, and its location will be sent to your phone.
Family Sharing 
  • By sharing your device with your family and friends, they can also use their app to help searching for your lost item  

Separation Alert Mode:
  • Turn on the power switch, connect your Lexuma XScan with your phone on the app SwiftFinder. 
  • Turn on the separation alarm switch.
  • A loud alarm would ring on your phone once your device is away from you. You can find your belongings by tracking your recent drive history or clicking the ring button on the app.
RF / Hidden Camera Detection Mode:
  • Turn on the power switch.
  • Press the infrared scanning switch to turn on laser scanning.
  • Look through the detector window and move it slowly to detect possible hidden cameras.
  • Any camera reflected will flash a spot of red light, indicating its location.
Motion Alert/Anti-Theft Mode:
  • Turn on the power switch.
  • Press the alarm switch, wait for 5 seconds, the device enters the alarm alert state.
  • After activation, the device will alarm for at least 15 seconds if it is moved and triggered. Turn off by pressing the motion alert button again.
LED Flashlight:
  • Turn on the power switch.
  • Press the button to turn on/off the LED flashlight.

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