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Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
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Flexi Templates Pvt. Ltd.

Flexi Templates Pvt. Ltd.

Maharashtra, India

E-tailer, Others, Service Company

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Flexi Websites
  • The way we market our products/Service is changing very fast.
  • We are moving from physical/real world to digital/virtual/mobile world of marketing; where reach is wider, easier and very cost effective though implementation involves knowledge of Technology! & needless to say one time huge investment.
  • Our targets remains the same though method to grab their attention changes!
  • "Whatever is possible in offline world is always possible in online world"!
  • Remember this golden rule before you enter the world of digital marketing considering the use of mobile devices (smart phones) & tablets!
  • Prospective Clients were only reading news paper or listening radio; now medium they use to access information is growing fast.
  • Customers eyeballs are jumping quickly from one media to other in no matter of time.
  • (Specially after invention of Whats APP & FaceBook!
  • While the Media reach is changing fast, the devices clients are using changed faster.
  • From big to small, and from desktops to laptops.
  • Tablets, handheld devices and finally smartphone, the landscape is changing rapidly and hence the scope of us as advertiser increases.
  • we need to reach on every devices they use.
  • Having an online presence is no longer about booking a domain, buying hosting space and uploading a site.
  • Challenge is now if you there in any form on Mobile Devices? Be it responsive website or Mobile Application!
  • Its high time we need to consider our presence not only on the web but also on mobile phones (specially smartphones) Giants like Google already investing millions to built Mobile OS like “Android One” which help low cost mobile to act as fully functional smartphone! Add to the mix, a plethora of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube already converted their platform to be mobile compatible.
  • Clients are desperate to experiment with every new platform that comes their way.
  • All of this throws up newer technical challenges as well as opportunities!
  • Unlike Web its not universal; but as per the wish of giants like Apple (IOS) Google (Android) or in rare cases MICROSOFT (windows mobile platform).
  • Some of them are too open and some of them are too restricted.
  • Ideas no longer work; but medium on which you execute your ideas really impact on your failure or success.
  • Even if you don't have new Ideas ; its high time you need to start offering your client Mobile options to access your data important for your & their business in form of Mobile App!
  • Many business owners are confused on what suits them best!
  • Responsive website (which fits on any screen like Desktop, Tablet & Mobile ) or mobile app!
  • All of them don't need mobile app; but most of them do need responsive websites!
  • How do one know if they need mobile compatible website or mobile app!
  • There's where Flexi Websites comes into the picture.
  • Share maximum information about your business with us and we will give you for best in quality cost effective solutions!

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