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Mon Cook Multifunctional Cooking Grill
Mon Cook Multifunctional Cooking Grill
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Air/ Sea
Han-A Tools Co Ltd

Han-A Tools Co Ltd

Korea, Republic Of

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Product Attribute(s)
Monster Cooker
410*260*290 mm
South Korea
Amorscoat non stick coating
1000 sets

Mon cook grill is a revolutionary cooking tool that allows easy and convenient meat cooking even during summer unlike conventional kitchen tools. By rotating the grill with the motor with gas range and burner on top, the powerful heat of 250 degrees can seal the juice inside the meat while making a crunchy surface. This grill requires no need for electricity so you can easily cook anytime and anywhere outdoors.


Amorscoat coating:

  • improved amorscoat coating with excellent gol-gel-based ceramic coating properties to boast long lasting non-stick features.

Auto rotation function:

  • You put the food inside for auto rotation so that you don't have to be near the hot fire while cooking.

Short cooking time:

  • When the cooking container reaches 250 degrees, it hardens the protein on the surface of the meat while sealing the juice inside, creating the perfect taste. Food is cooked much faster with our product and the heating is even to ensure better taste.

No electric wire:

  • Our cooking product does not have any electric wire

Handle of the plate:

  • You can conveniently move the grill with the handle and reposition it on the gas range (move the grill with your cooking gloves on). The handle allowing easy carrying even in outdoors.

Easy cleaning with non-stick coating:

  • Easy to separate, and the coating allows easy cleaning.

Easy cooking:

  • The round design allows auto rotation and makes roasting, steaming and brewing as well as other types of cooking easier and more convenient.

Sliding feature:

  • The slide handle locks on the glass lid with its silicone seal first and relocks with the slide handle once more so that the content inside the container does not flow out.

One touch feature:

  • It is easy to separate and assemble the cooking device.

Stew pot with anti-overflow glass lid

  • The lower plate can be used for cooking stews with its anti-overflow glass lid, and the steam pot can be used along with its steam plate.

Anti-wind feature:

  • You can cook outdoors even when it is windy.

Oil container:

  • Large oil container allows you to roast a lot of meat.

Magical oil lid:

  • The oil can flow downwards because of this feature.

Cooking pot:

  • If you put the container horizontally, it is for roasting while it can be used as cooking pot for stew or soups when used vertically (4L capacity).


Amorscoating details:

  • Amorscoating uses safe materials free of heavy metals that are made into nano particles. This coating material developed via unique technology is revolutionary and allows semi-permanent non-stick feature much longer than conventional ceramic coating material. (Registered as patent in the U.S., China and Japan).  
  • Nano particles (HEXAMONDⓇ) included allows longer non-stick feature and easy cleaning after cooking.
  • No cracks created when cooling immediately after heating at 300 degrees.
  • It is an eco-friendly coating that does not produce environmental contaminants.
  • No fluorine discharge detected after test.

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