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Port Crane Simulation System
Port Crane Simulation System
Wuhan Onewtech Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Onewtech Co., Ltd.

Hubei, Mainland China

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This port crane stimulation system is designed to address the training needs of port crane and electrical control system operations. The system combines the most cutting-edge software system, network communication, system simulation, virtual reality, electrical control and crane dynamics in one unit. The digital display will show the real-time training status as well as the training scores and test results.
  • Port crane simulation system (hereinafter referred to as PCSS) is an advanced teaching philosophy, combining port crane operators and electrical control systems for training needs and the development of teaching.
  • Comprehensive training simulation system.
  • Breaking the traditional driving operation and electrical overhaul separate teaching situation and achieving a student driver training and the integration of electrical maintenance training.
  • Enabling students a deeper, more comprehensive grasp of how the crane actually works and its operation control method.
  • The system also melt into advanced visual simulation technology and powerful data management capabilities, thus constituting with an equipment operation, fault detection, fault repair, teaching management as an integrated simulation teaching platform to meet modern teaching professional crane requirements, improving China's technological level higher vocational education.
  • Port crane integrated simulation system is divided into four parts: driver operated and visual simulation system, teachers end control system simulation system, crane electrical fault detection.
  • The maintenance of electrical systems PCSS system composed of four drivers.
  • Operation and visual simulation systems.
  • As view systems controllable case.
  • Real-time switching cab, on, front, left, and right directions visual display.
  • Supporting third-person objective view perspective.
  • The operator only needs to manually switch the linkage table view.
  • Teachers client-side control system control system for student teachers in training management.
  • Teachers can set students on the system type and the current training mission cranes and electrical cabinet.
  • After completion of training the trainees training data can be queried and training achievements. 
  • Crane electrical simulation system of the crane circuit electrical cabinet, power supply, PLC, inverter, motor and other equipment from the display screen.
  • Real-time display and viewing angles can be switched freely observing their work status and data queries.
  • When the system is working, "System 1" driver in the operating system and will actually reflect the real to the "System 4" entity circuit structure crane walking, lifting mechanism.

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