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Portable Frameless Folding Mirror
Portable Frameless Folding Mirror
US $3.00 - US $10.00
Horiuchi Mirror Industry Company Limited

Horiuchi Mirror Industry Company Limited

(Advertising Period Expired)

Osaka, Japan


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Horiuchi Mirror
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Highly praised for its ability to “reflect an accurate skin tone”, this folding mirror from the Horiuchi Mirror collection is the key to keeping your makeup on point all day long. This presented folding makeup mirror features a frameless design with polished sides to maximize the reflected surface whilst keeping the risk of getting cut at bay. It is also manufactured with the patented Napure Mirror widely supported by beauty professionals due to its ability to precisely reflect natural, pure colors, thus ensuring accurate foundation matching. Completed with an ultra-slim and compact construction that allows the mirror to stand freely on its own, this piece promises to make midday touch-ups a breeze.

  • Horiuchi Mirror is a collection of mirrors designed with patented mirrors to reflect natural and pure colors.
  • Certified as a “OSAKA-SEI Brand (Made-in-Osaka Brand)”.
  • Features the patented Napure Mirror that is praised for its ability to “reflect an accurate skin tone”.
  • Manufactured with a mirror that is produced by merging high-transparency glass, which removes iron that causes dullness, with reflective metal that has a high color reproducibility.
  • Completed with an elegant solid-color cover that is soft and smooth in texture.
  • Features a classic design that withstands time.
  • Helps to perfect base makeup.
  • The key to a flawless finish.  
  • Can choose a size according to your needs.

Slim and compact

  • Comes in a slim and compact folding design that is easy to carry around.
  • Comes in a design that is thinner than traditional mirrors, so it is easy to store.

Frameless design

  • Mirror comes in a frameless design with polished edges to maximize the reflected surface.

Adjustable angles

  • Self-standing mirror with adjustable slanting angles.
  • Cover is designed with lock lines, so users can adjust its slanting angles freely.

Sizes available (from size S to size LL):

  • Size S: Comes in a small and compact card-like size. Ideal for makeup touch-ups when you are out.
  • Size M: Comes in the size of B6 notebook. Does not take up much space in the bag and thus makes a great touch-up mirror when you are out.
  • Size L: Comes in the size of a magazine. Reflects your whole face so it t is ideal for make-up application at home.
  • Size LL:  Comes in the size of a beauticians’ magazine. Offers a reflection that goes from your head to your chest, ideal for general styling, including make-up, hair and outfit.

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