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Power Supply
Power Supply
Fabricators International Ltd

Fabricators International Ltd

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  • Custom power solutions (5 - 1500W) for high efficiency, high reliability applications overview ICCs power product engineers have optimized a power platform to provide a high efficiency power supply for high wattage applications that require a custom design with minimal heat generation, high volume manufacturing, and demonstrated reliability.
  • Challenge intended for use in self-contained, fully portable data centers, a leading data server/storage manufacturer required a custom power supply with an industry leading efficiency, compromised reliability, and a power supply management interface (PSMI) that would not reduce efficiency.
  • Solution ICCs power product engineers designed a custom power supply that met all of the customers challenges and produced a new patented method of measuring input current (PSMI).
  • ICCs manufacturing and burn-in capabilities met the high production demand-1,000+ power supplies for each standalone data center with 24 hour burn-in at 50°C on every power supply.
High efficiency:
  • Industry-leading 96% efficient regulated off-line 48V to 12V DC/DC converter for both 250 watt and 450 watt applications.
  • Enabled total elimination of system-level fans for further power reductions, improved system reliability, and reduced system operational costs by as much as 30%.
High reliability:
  • Calculated MTBF ratings exceeding one million hours.
  • Each power supply undergoes a 24 hour burn-in at 50°C before shipment.
  • PSMI (power supply management interface).
  • PSMI provided via micro-controller and software interface.
  • Patented lossless current measurement method providing an accurate and cost effective method of measuring current without reducing the efficiency of the power supply.
  • Custom ATX power supply product features ultra wide input range multiple outputs converter efficiencies up to 96% standard protection features include:
  • Over voltage protection.
  • Over current protection.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Inrush current limiting
Power supply features:

  • Power good.
  • Remote on/off and timing.
  • Remote sense.
  • Power OK.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • International safety certifications.
  • Operating temp: 0-50C.
  • Dimensions: 4 x 8 x 1.6
Custom power solution features:
  • Custom designs from 5-1500 watts.
  • DC and AC inputs.
  • Ultra wide input range.
  • Single and multiple outputs.
  • Custom mechanical configurations.
  • Medical, industrial, and consumer applications.
  • High power densities (> 10W/in3).
  • High efficiencies (> 95% for single output).
  • N+1 redundancy and hot swap capabilities.
  • Microprocessor.

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