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Quality Inspection China
Quality Inspection China
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JSD Inspection Services Limited

JSD Inspection Services Limited

Hong Kong

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JSD 005
JSD Inspection
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JSD Inspection Services Limited is a professional third-party inspection and quality project management company. Adhering to the service concept of justice, specialty, science, preciseness, high efficiency and quality, we provide professional third-party inspection service, factory audit, container loading supervision and enterprise quality management consulting services for multinational purchasers, export trading companies and domestic enterprises. The company has a team of more than 68 senior engineers stationed in major cities across the country, providing you with thoughtful and meticulous services from Monday to weekend. So that you can master the real-time situation of the factory at any time, give correct instructions to the factory in time, ensure that the products can be shipped on time with better quality, and avoid your worries.
The inspection is an activity of the third-party inspection organization to check and accept the product quality related content of the supplier according to the requirements of the purchaser or the buyer, so as to check whether the goods meet the requirements of the contract and other special requirements of the buyer.
As consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of products, the demand for inspection is increasing in import and export trade or domestic trade. Through inspection, we can help customers find the quality problems in the goods as early as possible, help solve the problems as soon as possible to achieve the timely delivery of goods with quality, and avoid the loss of brand reputation and economy caused by the delivery of inferior goods.
Inspection service mainly includes:
  • Pre-production inspection
  • During production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Quality project management
  • Container loading supervision
The scope of inspection products mainly includes:
  • Textile category: Clothing, home textile, fashion accessories, bags, footwear, leather, cloth, yarn, etc.
  • Light industry category: Hardware, household products, furniture, toys, handicrafts, outdoor products, sporting goods, Christmas gifts, kitchen products, cosmetics, building materials, hand tools and other sundries
  • Lamps and LED: LED light, solar light, bulb, flashlight, light belt, etc.
  • Appliance products category: Air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee machine, water heater, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, electric kettle, oven, rice cooker, juicer, sandwich machine, fan, iron, calculator, massager, etc.
  • Electronic products: TV, DVD player, radio, MP4, digital camera, speaker, mobile phone, telephone, etc.
  • Electric tools: Electric drill, hammer, screwdriver, etc.
  • Industry: Wheels, cranes, forklifts, tractors, motorcycles, electric vehicles, bicycles, etc.

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