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Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Yujin Robot Co.,

Yujin Robot Co.,

Korea, Republic Of

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Iclebo Arte
This is a robot vacuum cleaner that is made with a sleek and streamlined design in a compact size. It is able to remove dust, ashes and pet hair from any kind of floor surface. It can also work in a designated area as per users' requests.
  • iclebo Arte automatically generates a map for your home by continuously taking photos of the ceiling and the walls while it cleans.
  • With this map, it can decide for itself what parts of your home have not yet been cleaned and will know when it has done the job.
  • Armed with more than twenty detection sensors, Iclebo Arte can avoid collisions with the wall or the furniture and abort from dangerous situations such as falling down stairs.
  • It can also switch between modes that allow it to avoid (mopping mode) or climb (climbing mode) carpets/rugs up to 20 mm in height.
  • It will also look after itself. Using its map of your home, it will always return to its starting location for recharging once its finished the job.
  • Even better, if it has run out of batteries before it has finished the job, it will return to home base, recharge, and then continue from where it left off as if there was no interruption in service.
  • Camera mapping (never misses even a spot of your house).
  • Gyro sensor, PSD sensors, Encoder sensor etc; all data from those sensors will be gathered to main board and CPU, and generate a best cleaning algorithm.
  • Triple CPU (for mapping, cleaning, and energy management).
  • Long working time (140 minutes).
  • Height adjustment (selectable climb height; only cleans under 0.5cm height or climbs over up to 2cm).
  • Mopping function.
  • Lower noise level (under 58dB).
  • Recognize the place; directly going back to docking station with no hesitation after finished job (competitors are only random and often missed and failed to dock).
  • Best performance, high quality (reliability).

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