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Effective Sterilization 99.9% Disinfectant Sanitzing Cleaning Wet Wipes
Effective Sterilization 99.9% Disinfectant Sanitzing Cleaning Wet Wipes
US $0.20 - US $0.30
Production Lead Time:
7 day(s)
Shipping Method:
by sea/by air
Fustin (Xiamen) Commodity Co Ltd

Fustin (Xiamen) Commodity Co Ltd

Fujian, Mainland China

Exporter, Manufacturer

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Over 7 days



Product Attribute(s)
Model No.:
Antibacterial Wipes 

  • Aloe ferox Miller + Honeysuckle 

Effective Sterilization 99.9%
  • It's healthier to wipe your hands before meals 
  • Effectively Sterilize to 99.9% :Certified by laboratory data that It has bactericidal effect on honeysuckle Staphylococcus and Escherichia Coli 
  • Application Areas: Dining, Clean the skin, Household, ,protect the environment 
  • Take the lead in complying with the hygienic standard of food and cosmetics production workshop in China 
  • Features: Extra Soft and Thick Spunlace Non-woven Fabric, Cottony soft 
  • Infused with Natural Aloe ferox Miller Extra and Honeysuckle Extra
  • It has bactericidal effect on honeysuckle Staphylococcus and Escherichia Coli 
  • Mild Formula,Alcohol Free,passed Dermatologically Tested
  • Name of Product: Fustin Antibacterial Wipes 
  • Item No:HCB010 Ingredients:Spun Lace Nonwoven,RO Purified Water,Aloe ferox Miller Extract,Honeysuckle Extract,Benzalkonium chloride 
  • Active ingredients and contents of sterilization:Benzalkonium chloride(0.08-0.095%) Specification:180MMX150MM/10sheets 

  • Store in cool dry place Avoid contact with eyes.Avoid using on open wounds and burns. To avoid risk of swallow ,keep out of reach of children dispose of used wipe in trash,do not flush into toilet
  • Alcohol free specification of custom cleaning wet wipes Centella asiatica extract, chamomile extract, Biodegradable non-woven fabric.
  • cleansing wipes is designed for sensitive skin .It is pure and mild without alcohol and passed the skin irritation test. It is full compliance with EU standards. Centella asiatica is hailed as the gold of beauty .It not only can promote skin growth, local leukocytosis, but also can repair blain scar. This unique ingredient facilitate the regeneration of the protein, to help promote skin collagen in the dermis. 
  • It also regenerate protein fiber and help to make the skin smooth. It can also be used to treat skin
    ulcer, intractable wounds, etc. As the best match , we also added chamomile in strict proportions. It can be used to anti-aging, moisturizing skin. It has the effect of sterilizing and repairing skin laceration. Applied in the maintenance, it can have the moisture, soothing calm skin and astringent pores.

  • You will feel that it's cool and helps regenerate your skin tissue. It can quickly pacify red skin if you put only one piece of our product on your skin that is red with sensitivity. It has a good soothing effect for itchy skin. It can gently replenish moisture and soothe skin.


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