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Tension Rod
Tension Rod
Heian Shindo Kogyo Company Limited

Heian Shindo Kogyo Company Limited

(Advertising Period Expired)

Osaka, Japan

Manufacturer, Others

Product Attribute(s)
Model No.:
RTW series
50-75 cm; 75-120 cm; 110-190 cm; 170-280 cm; 190-280 cm

In Japan, Tension Rod is used as a storage item for more than 40 years. For, due to the urbanization, our rooms have been very small in cities so that Tension Rods have been used as the daily necessity goods in Japan.

There are following 5 features.

  1. Utilizing the dead space
  2. No damage to the wall
  3. Reliable withstanding weight with Jacking force
  4. Easy to install & uninstall.
  5. No tools required.

There are following 5 ranges of size.

  1. RTW-50:   Length  50~75 cm    Withstanding Weight    50kg~40kg
  2. RTW-75:   Length  75~120 cm   Withstanding Weight    50kg~30kg
  3. RTW-110:  Length  110~190 cm  Withstanding Weight    45kg~15kg
  4. RTW-170:  Length  170~280 cm  Withstanding Weight    30kg~8Kg
  5. RTW-190:  Length  190~280 cm  Withstanding Weight  24kg~5kg.

We export this product to foreign countries since 2017. The sales in foreign countries are also very goods. We realized that space limited problem in cities is common in the world.

The quality is Japan standard.

It’s up to you how to use this item. 

We hope we could offer the simple convenient items / lifestyle in the world.

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