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Big Range COVID-19 Virus & Flu Body Thermal Camera Scanner COVID19 Coronavirus Body Thermal Scanner
Big Range COVID-19 Virus & Flu Body Thermal Camera Scanner COVID19 Coronavirus Body Thermal Scanner
Production Lead Time:
10 day(s)
Topteches Industrial (H.K.) Limited
Hong Kong
Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Average Response time:1 - 3 days
Product Attribute(s)
Model No.:
ModelTY2006C Walk-through Big Range Scan Coronavirus Pneumonia, Flu & Virus Body Fever Thermometer
Optional Installation Size & Ways: Hang Type Installation or Platform Type Handcart Installation
Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Type of Payment:
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 piece
Measuring Duration[Time Needed]:
0.3 second
Celsius (℃) or Fahrenheit (℉):
Celsius (℃) , Fahrenheit (℉)
Measuring Distance:
2.5 ~ 10 meters
Coronavirus Scanner, COVID-19 Virus & Flu Body Fever Detector, Medical Digital Thermometer, Clinical Thermometer, Virus Body Fever Detector

TECOSmodelTY2006C walk-through big range scan virus & flu body fever temperature detector
It can detect a wide range target in the detection range, it immediately shows hot body images and body surface temperature, the operator can obtain the accurate data. If they are suspicious fever patients, it will immediately report to the police, thus it is a timely & effective manner to prevent cross-infection of flu & virus.
It is suitable for customs, airports, prisons, stations etc. for inspection, is more suitable for large flow of people in the public to quickly detect human fever temperatures.

It can monitor & detect body temperatures of all patients with fever, such as detecting fever temperatures of COVID-19 Coronavirus & SARS virus patients, Zika virus patients, Malaria virus patients, MERS virus patients, Ebola virus patients, H1N1 flu patients, Dengue Fever patients, H3N2 flu patients, H7N9 bird flu patients and all other various flu & virus patients.

It can help your government, organization and apparatus to better do the flu & virus infection prevention and isolation measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 Virus & Flu flow for people.
  • Fast: Can real-timely detect people who pass through the monitoring region, in 0.3 second it will be able to detect human fever temperatures.
  • Non-contact distance measurement: in the lens away from 2.5 ~ 10 meters to detect and accept the body temperature measurements, it is very suitable for flow in the regional long-distance on the crowd to search & test any person, it can accurately identify which patients are with fever
  • Automatic alert, automatic capture and automatic record. Real-timely and quickly scan people of a large area. Accurate body temperature measurement. Intelligent temperature measurement with automatic adjustment functions. Real-time measurement data, real-timely and automatically track overtemperature people for more than 28 objects
Technical data:
  • LCD Display: dual screens show thermal imaging picture & visible light image.
  • Measurement method: Alarm temperature: 37.5 ℃ ( this temperature can be free to be set, the factory setup is 37.5 ℃ alarm, the body temperature exceeds it for an alert. Body fever alarm, an alarm temperature is automatically captured and saved in a hard disk. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃ (up to 0.06 ℃).
  • Over-temperature alarm: sound alarm, automatic video recording to the hard disk at the same time. Response time: < 0.3 second. Power supply: 110V, 220V ( ±10% ), 50Hz / 60Hz.
  • Optional installation way: hang type installation or platform type handcart installation, optional operation console: medical level multi-function work handcart installation (platform type handcart).
  • Have European CE & EMC international medical device standard certificates and USA FCC safety certificate. More details, pls visit .