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Wheel Swing VOLT1-NCB
Wheel Swing VOLT1-NCB
With Us&Earth Co., Ltd.

With Us&Earth Co., Ltd.

Korea, Republic Of

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"WHEELSWING is a bicycle generator that can generate electricity with feather-light pedal driving feeling."


WHEELSWING VOLT1-NCB : Non-contact bicycle generator with built-in battery

The WHEELSWING VOLT1 product is an innovative bicycle generator and comes in two product types.

• Five features of VOLT1

  • Feather-light pedal driving feeling with magnetic field drive method (CB is a specially designed boosting friction method) 
  • Can be installed in any frame shape by applying a universal bracket
  • 2-stage shock absorption structure
  • Simple self-installation by providing an installation guide
  • Built-in lithium ion battery and USB charging function

• Product composition of VOLT1

  • Non-contact generator NCB: The most innovative and future-oriented bicycle generator that minimizes noise, vibration, tire wear, and pedal resistance by installing a head with a magnetic circuit that enables friction less power generation using a magnetic field. NCB is the first bicycle generator to apply contact less power generation technology, and is recommended for long distance riding, high-speed riding, and enthusiasts.
  • Friction Generator CB: A friction-driven bicycle generator equipped with a specially designed booster ring instead of a magnetic field in the NCB system. This is a friction-driven, but friction-typed, innovative bicycle that minimizes noise and vibration and has less pedal resistance than any friction generator. CB is recommended for mid/short distance riding, medium/ low speed riding, commuting, and general public.

• VOLT1 Monitoring App "Wheel Swing"

  • Data storage such as power generation, battery remaining, momentum, and carbon savings 
  • Map service such as route search and route saving
  • Provides statistical data such as driving time, power generation, charging amount, and momentum for each route

[Company Introduction]

  • WithUs Earth is the first company in the world to develop a bicycle generator that uses contact less power generation technology to make it easier for more people to use eco-friendly energy anytime, anywhere. We are researching and developing ways to easily obtain power by cycling and choosing the portable Green Energy Harvesting method.

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