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US $900.00 - US $1300.00
Toyo-Sasaki Glass Co Ltd

Toyo-Sasaki Glass Co Ltd

(Advertising Period Expired)

Tokyo, Japan


Product Attribute(s)
Handmade/Traditional Design/Sake
Semi-Lead Crystal
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Carton

Edo-glass "YACHIYO-GAMA" series handblown with traditional skill of master craftsmen from Japan.

"YACHIYO-GAMA" named after the city of Yachiyo, where TSG’s craft studio is located, ancient Japanese motifs are actively fused with modern elements.

Highlight of the deep violet blue color brings a sense of coolness to your eyes. 

Decoration of 24k gold foils also expands its richness. 

The specialty will enrich your table when welcoming your guests, and also perfect for gifts as each items comes in a single box.

Handmade by the traditional skills of craftsmen one by one, with inherited Edo Glass creating technique, accompanied by a registered “Mark of Tradition” label. 

Toyo-Sasaki Glass's handmade glassware production is delicately guided by Certified Traditional Craftmasters, a prestigious prefectural title for artisans who have attained the highest level of skill and knowledge on traditional Japanese regional heritage crafts. 

This "Yachiyo-gama" is one of the products given "Mark of Tradition (quality certification label)", the Traditional Craft Products officially designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, that has passed the standard of TOBU Glass Industry Cooperative Association of Japan.

The following five conditions are required to be recognized as Japanese Traditional Craft Products.

Required elements:

1. A daily commodity

2. Handmade

3. Made by a traditional skill or technique continued for the last 100 years or more.

4. Made of a raw material which has been used traditionally.

5. Created in a particular area.


Semi-Lead Crystal

with the metal oxide content of silicate glass containing 10% but less than 24% of lead oxide. Alternatively, silicate glass which contains lead oxide less than 24% or the sum of lead oxide, zinc oxide, barium oxide and potassium oxide is more than 10%.

Handmade: Each hand-crafted glassware may slightly vary in shape, size, and, color which gives each product a uniquely distinctive artistic flavor. 

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