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Are You Receiving Products From China with The Best Quality and Cost?
Are You Receiving Products From China with The Best Quality and Cost?
These days, finding particular products from China is not a difficult thing, as tons of Chinese factories' information are already on the internet.  But why overseas buyers are still experiencing the following problems?

A.  Higher return rate from market; even you already hired a local inspection company to do the pre- shipment inspection in China.

B.  Lower quality of the shipment compared to the pre-production sample you have confirmed; the components, materials or the method of production in the shipment you received has been changed without your permission.

C.  Quality is different from shipment to shipment.   

D.  You constantly receiving the bad news of shipment from factory at the last minute while your advertisement has been scheduled, finally you are forced to accept the problem shipment.

E.   Your factories do not always understand / implement your instructions/requirements  thoroughly.

The above are typical problems and headaches our new clients bring to us. If you have the same problems and need to be solved, please contact us.

We will tell you how we can control the quality from both product design level and production method level; and we not only manage the product, we mange the factory, etc. You will never hear these from a 3rd party inspection company or see these from their reports.  

Our professional and reliable services have assisted buyers in North America, UK, France, Germany and other EU countries as well as Japan etc for importing products in electrical, electronic, home appliance, textile, glasses, pet products, sundry goods and more. Some of our products are sold on QVC, HSN, Shop HQ, and also at Target, Costco , Lowe, Home Depot etc.

Just tell us what products you need, what new product you like to develop; by using our technical background, our bilingual technical staff and skills, our in-depth experience in manufacturing and Chinese supplier markets; you can just leave all your concerns and worries to Bridgepoint.  Let us assist you in producing quality products from China.

Manufacturing /Sourcing in China, Not to Worry!
1. OEM Manufacturing
2. Product Sourcing
3. Production Management
4. Quality Control & Assurance
5. Product Design & Development
Bridgepoint HK Company Limited

Bridgepoint HK Company Limited

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