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Brand Licensing opportunities for E-Bikes and E-Mobility in North and South America, Asia, Australia ...
Brand Licensing opportunities for E-Bikes and E-Mobility in North and South America, Asia, Australia ...

We are offering

the opportunity to become a BLAUPUNKT brand licensee for the following categories:

  • E-Mobility products
  • E-Bike components
  • E-Bikes


  • North and South America
  • Asia
  • Australia / New Zealand
  • Russia
  • other regions on request

Proof of concept

There are already 3 licensees for these categories, successfully launching about 40 SKU´s of BLAUPUNKT branded E-Bikes, E-Bike components and E-mobility products such as hoverboards and e-scooters per year in these regions:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • Scandinavia

What are the benefits:

Becoming a BLAUPUNKT brand licensee:

  • is a cost-efficient point of market entry for existing manufacturers/OEMs, distributors, private labelers, and retailers looking for brand expansion or creating product line extensions,. Brand
  • speeds time to market
  • lowers introduction costs,
  • and provides an invaluable measure of quality assurance to customers, regardless of the market venue

And last but not least, you will become a member of our brand partner network of 40+ active BLAUPUNKT brand licensees :

  • Sharing trade contacts and distribution knowledge
  • Sharing sourcing and technology knowledge
  • Pooling advertising and promotional resources (e.g., joint trade show setups)


Blaupunkt is a German brand for consumer electronics, car multimedia, and related consumer lifestyle products.
Founded in Berlin in 1924 as the "Ideal" company, Blaupunkt gained notoriety through the internal test label for headphones - the blue dot.
The quality feature became a trademark, and in 1938 also the company name.

Today, the brand is being developed by GIP Development SARL as part of a licensing program launched in 2009. More than 40 licensees around the world distribute BLAUPUNKT products on all continents in more than 90 countries in the categories:
Audio I Video I TV I Car Multimedia I Mobile Phones I E-Mobility I Home Appliances I Security Systems I Cleaning Robots I Air Conditioning I E-Mobility and many more.

The BLAUPUNKT brand promise: 

Quality products at a fair price that perform as advertised. 

How does that work

BLAUPUNKT licensees retain product design and control. Once a product category is assigned to a licensee, that licensee is completely responsible for the design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales.

In other words, they retain control of the process while having access to the power of Blaupunkt brand heritage and partner support.

The Blaupunkt licensing concept is easy to implement and navigate from applying the brand to carrying out the total program that speeds brand introduction tasks that would otherwise create time and cost burdens.

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