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China Buying Office
China Buying Office
You buy regularly from China and have staff in your office constantly liaising with factories in China.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult working with different time zones. You will often lose a day because of the time zones, while your competitors will be offering a faster service.
  • Sometimes there is poor communication by phone, skype and e-mail. You feel as though suppliers are not taking you seriously. If there is a major problem then the factory may just stop responding.
  • Sometimes you just wish you could sit down with your supplier and touch the product you are developing together, peer over the shoulder of a graphic designer and point at her screen.   
  • You see the QC report, but would love to actually have a staff in the factory early on in production to learn if the factory really has started all the production or are being "creative with the truth".
  • You have developed great products that you sell in your country. It would be great to sell to other countries FOB China and expand your business.
  • Distance leaves you feeling anxious.
So why not set up your own buying office in China and take full control. No more stress - let us lighten the load.
We are travelling around all the active economic zones of China, with a team of experts to solve each problem.  Our team are fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, French, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.  We have designers, merchandisers, QC staff and logitics specialists on staff and on hand to deal with all problems.   You get all the advantages of having a representative office in China with a minimal investment and without having troubles and admin work required for Chinese authorities.
For SME companies planning to set up a buying or a Rep office in China, we offer a complete partnership solution with our Chinese office.  This is a cost-efficient solution for an end-to-end management of your activities in China.  We provide your company with all the resources and tools to carry out your operations of sourcing,  purchasing, manufacturing, quality management, contracts and logistics in China.
This Buying Office service is perfect for companies that make regular purchases or manufacturing in China.  They want to have their own team in China to manage all activities there current and future.
By opting for this cost-effective solution, you follow closely your orders and fully control your supply chain in China at fewer cost.  A Buying Office provides resources and tools to find the right suppliers and carry out quality management, purchasing, manufacturing and logistic activities in China.
You save on office rent, opening fee and all other costs in China.

Concentrate all your energy on the heart of your business - increase sales and make your business more profitable.
ODM Asia Ltd

ODM Asia Ltd

Hong Kong

Buying Cooperative, Buying Office, Export Agent, Exporter, Importer

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