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Dream Vacation Architect Inc.
Dream Vacation Architect Inc.

Dream Vacation Architect Inc.

  • Dream Vacation Architect, Inc. was founded March 2013. Located in the heart of Richmond, in Yaohan Center, it is one of the most respected travel agencies in our area. Our motto, “Your dream – our mission”, drives our performance.

Outstanding service and non-standard experience

  • Traditional travel agencies simply don’t go to the same lengths we do for our customers.
  • Dream Vacation adopts an open policy approach, tailoring vacations according to our guests’ actual needs, catering to a variety of cultures, tastes and personal preferences, like architects designing blueprints for a building. Whether you want to experience the excitement of popular attractions, the enrichment of cultural heritage sites, or just relax, don’t worry! We can help you find what you need. Every detail down to accommodation and transportation will be planned for you. And despite the astonishing quality of the carefully crafted “blueprint”, the price is very affordable. Professionalism, perfection, and a pleasant experience is our promise.

Experienced travel planners

  • Meet our team of highly experienced, highly committed professionals. Our architects have an average of over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. In addition to their expertise and unique cultural enrichment, they also have unlimited enthusiasm for their work. They are not limited by the company’s interests: they will take the time to properly and impartially recommend the best products and services for each customer. To us, this isn’t just another job – it’s the pursuit of perfection; the joy of doing a service to the client.

Unique business philosophy

  • Unlike other travel agencies, we are prepared to go above and beyond for our customers. We are willing to devote personal time to provide services and answers to inquiries anytime, anywhere – that’s why we give out our personal cell phone numbers to customers.
  • We also have a large reach: we are not only based on the Greater Vancouver area, serving North America, but we also focus on development in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other places of business contact, especially in the planning of all kinds of business travel, travel incentives, customized private tours and student study tours.
  • As a recognition of our exceptional work, our company has managed to become a member of the famous North American tour guild Ensemble despite our relatively short history. This line is known for their high standards: they have always only accepted the strongest and most reputable of the industry’s elite agencies to join their ranks, and our company is among them.
  • Trust us, and your dreams can become reality.
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Cloud Trade Enterprise (Hong Kong) Limited

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