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Global Intellectual Property Company Limited
GDN - Online Marketing Service 網上推廣服務
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Google display network (顯示聯播網 ):
  • We design high quality of flash banners and deliver them strategically at your chosen websites among the Google display network, including more than three million worldwide websites in order to cover the Internet users at every region and markets. There are also over one hundred thousand of websites in the Hong Kong Google display network.
Google analytics (有效的分析報告):
  • The professional analyzing report provides you a comprehensive understanding of site traffic and marketing effectiveness, and allows you to view and analyze traffic information. These help you to plan a more targeted ad which could strengthen your marketing goal and get a better profit return.
Google remarketing (追蹤廣告):
  • Your ads will be keeping track on those target customers who had previously clicked your ads or visited your company website, therefore your ads will be shown again and again to them due to the record navigation.
HUYI global (專業支援團隊):
  • HUYI global professional consultants and technical support teams provide you a comprehensive analysis of your needs, develop the most accurate marketing strategy by designing flash banner ads for you, coupled with the quality settings for advertising in thousands of popular websites in the Google Display Network, which makes you connect easily with the target customers!

Global Intellectual Property Company Limited

Global Intellectual Property Company Limited

Hong Kong

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