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Globe UX Argos Service
Globe UX Argos Service
This “Globe UX Argos” service adopts advanced cloud-based technology to solve your web-related problems. It can find the roots that cause the problems and solve them as soon as possible. This unique service is ideal for most companies.
  • Necessity and goals: time limitation of user’s patience goes shorter and Increases user’s move away if speed 0.25 seconds longer than the competitors..
  • The popularization of smartphones & transition to mobile from web environment has been brought the increase of importance of manage performance for mobile, web, apps.
  • The latest web services that can not be monitored by way of the existing infrastructure as many service elements like 3rd party contents and use of cloud/CDN servers exist in the external.
  • The environment that can be monitored in both internal and external sides for the full-service is possible only in the end user’s point.
  • Wired and wireless web services performance analysis & management solution which can rapidly detect and solve the problem in real user’s viewpoint.
  • Management of website performance measurement and management for actual users of PC and network environment through the website (based on user's perspective).
  • Business performance management through a real browser both external websites for client and internal website.
  • Management for mobile & apps management performance for mobile website & apps measured through the user's viewpoint for smartphones and mobile networks.
  • Support the Android & iPhone web environment converted to mobile.
  • Wide range of performance indicators & analysis management from a variety of performance indicators Fast identification on the cause of performance problems by trend check and spectral analysis techniques response rate can be improved without server expansion.
  • Waterfall charts (DBI engine) reflect the behavior of a browser (deep browser inspection engine) .
  • Cause analysis for factor of failures and performance issues.
  • Easily find a cause of service failure.
  • Easily identify cause of the factors that affect performance can be improved.
  • Real-time management real-time monitoring for 24 x 365 system failure monitoring from the user's perspective.
  • Alarm of a failure notification.
  • Rapidly identify the cause related the interval of the failure situation room function for checking performance of the website that allows to manage and understand at once.
  • Cloud ready support monitoring for cloud environment web-service support web services monitoring for CDN and large-scale distributed environment.
  • Automatic extraction for the internal web services structure and visualization capabilities provide service map.


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