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HelloID | Tools4ever
HelloID | Tools4ever

The Next Generation of IDaaS

HelloID is a modern and secure, cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. With one powerful platform, you have an answer to the increasingly complex IAM challenges your organization faces.

User Provisioning

HelloID Provisioning connects HR systems with user accounts, automating the entire user account lifecycle process. Account details and usage rights are automatically kept up-to-date.

Service Automation

HelloID Provisioning handles all your users’ basic authorizations, but no organization operates in a vacuum. Role changes, temporary projects, and new resources all lead to users requiring access changes. Service Automation (HelloID’s self-service) allows users to request and managers to approve resources with only a few clicks.

Following approval, HelloID gives your employees the resources they need by facilitating all changes immediately across your network. Longer wait times equal less productivity. If your users are still running down managers and IT staff for access approval, they’re wrapped up in too much restrictive red tape.

Access Management

Managing access for every user within your organization remains one of the most difficult ongoing identity management challenges. From new employees to role changes to departures, it never ends. Cloud services that have your users navigating to resources hosted by third parties only complicates things.

HelloID’s Access Management provides something for everyone in your organization. Managers and IT admins set authentication policies and configure authorizations according to users’ roles via intuitive interfaces. End users receive Single Sign-On (SSO) access to all the IT resources their job role and authorizations permit.

API Integration

Integrate HelloID with your other IT resources using any programming language capable of sending information over the web. HelloID’s API integration opens virtually endless possibilities to leverage your data.

With HelloID’s ability to pull data form and kick off processes for other sources, your environment operates seamlessly. With HelloID, “it just works”, and everyone executes on whole new levels of efficient productivity.

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