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IAM | Tools4ever
IAM | Tools4ever

Take Control of Your Identity Management

Streamline your operational efficiency and control compliance efforts for HIPPA, SOX, and other requirements. IAM provides user provisioning, centralized account management, and role-based access control by integrating personnel and directory systems.

Automated onboarding and offboarding ensure that only the right people have the right access at the right time.

User Provisioning

Attempting to manually create, manage, and disable user accounts in today’s complex corporate environment is its own full-time job.

Tools4ever’s IAM User Provisioning software creates a connection between HR systems, directory services (e.g., Active Directory, LDAP, GSuite), and downstream services. The entire process is automated, recovering substantial bandwidth for IT staff.

Access Governance

Access Governance (AG, also known as Role-Based Access control or RBAC) enforces access rights to applications and data based on an employee’s job function. Issue, change, and withdraw privileges based on your AG role model—no more manual management or the oversights and errors that come with it.

Workflow Management & Self-Service

With Workflow Management and Self-Service, employees can request and managers can approve resources without any IT intervention. IAM’s structured workflow contains the entire process and necessary Active Directory delegation tools.

For example, employees may request access to an application, project, or share. Managers can authorize the request, which IAM implements immediately in within the network. It’s that easy.

Downstream Provisioning

Downstream provisioning enables you to automatically connect managed user accounts to systems and applications. Downstream software goes far beyond just Active Directory Exchange and NTFS.

IAM has a wide range of connectors—more than 150—for managing user accounts and rights in systems and applications.

Helpdesk Delegation

Maximize the capability of your entire team. User account management traditionally falls to IT staff with advanced admin rights. IAM links these tasks to web forms, allowing less technical helpdesk employees to fulfill them without elevated privileges. All of these actions are still recorded in the audit log.

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