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Intellectual Property Registration Services
Intellectual Property Registration Services

Accolade is one of the agency in Intellectual Property Agencies in Hong Kong, working with clients in the processes of registering and protecting trademarks, designs and patents globally.

Intellectual Property Registration Services 

- Trademark Registration Service
- Design Patent Registration Services
- Patent Registration Services

Benefits of Registration of a Trademark

Registration of a trademark will give the owner of a trademark the right to prevent third parties from using his mark, or a deceptively similar mark, without his consent for the goods or services for which it is registered or for similar goods or services. For unregistered trademarks, owners have to rely on common law for protection. It is more difficult to establish one's case under common law.

Benefits of Registration of a Design Patent

A registered design can become a valuable business asset that can be bought, sold, transferred or licensed like any other property. Registration can make a design searchable by the public who may be potential licensees, stockists, investors or customers. A registered design can add value to a product and increase market awareness of your business, as the design is often what makes it attractive to the customers. 

Registration provides a stronger protection for your design and legal action can be taken if someone copies your design without your permission. This legal protection gives you the exclusive trade right to that design for a certain period of up to many years and improves the market competitiveness of your business.

Benefits of Registration of a Patent

Your rights as a patent owner include but are not limited to the following:
  • The right to obtain a court order (called an injunction) to stop a competitor infringing
  • The right to obtain monetary compensation (called damages or account of profits) from an infringer that has unlawfully used your patent
  • The right to obtain a court order for delivery up or disposal of infringing articles
  • The right to grant a licence to another person to exploit your patent, in return for royalties and other payments
  • The right to sell your patent
  • The right to gift your patent in your will
  • The right to mark your product and its packaging as being patented

We offer transparent fee schedule for our intellectual property registration service, please check the link below:
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