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OEM JDM SMT (Service Mounting Technology) on PCB Board & Assemble
OEM JDM SMT (Service Mounting Technology) on PCB Board & Assemble
We're Japanese company, we've SMT production lines in Zhuhai city China factory.  They can be mounting PCB & assemble to product parts for electronic of home appliance, computer, hot water machine, automatic water tap, communication, OA machine, CCTV, automotive, etc., market.

If you've inquiries, pls contact us.

Our SMT Machines:
  • Brand Name: Matsushita BM221, Yamaha YG100, etc.
  • Qty: 10pcs
  • Function: Iron suction nozzle pile head 8pcs, Pick & place 15000CPH, for component min. size 0603CHIP by 1+1, For SOP/SOJ, QFP, PLCC, CSP/BGA in plugin program (less 45mm, etc.)
  • PCB Size: 50×50mm--330×250mm.
  • PCB Thickness: 0.3mm—5mm,  Unilateral feeding 80 points.
  • Feature: Middle to high speed placement SMT machine, very    stable and easy  control, when exchanged to different item   for middle to small precision.
  •  SMT Mounting Precision:  ±0.05mm
Our Solder Paste Printing Automatic Machine:
  • Brand Name:Matsushita SP60P-M
  • Qty :3pcs
  • Function:3S double-end scraper, for steel mesh L750 x W650mm, for PCBA board L420 x W350, printing precision ±0.025mm, double  counterpoint ±0.005mm.
  • Feature: It can be setup optimum printing condition, fast printing, different dimension steel mesh, no need to setup more different condition, fast change different products.
Our Reflow Machine:
  • Brand Name:Japan Murata Handa and JT
  • Qty:5pcs
  • Function:8 temperature zones, for almost PCBA board temperature setup, good stable temperature, coupled high quality thermometer, it can be matched any different welding.
  • PCB thickness: 0.3-5.0mm.
  • Component height: 30mm.
  • Detection component: 1005chip
  • IC pin: 0.3mmpitch
  • Minimum resolution: 12um
  • Detection speed: 160 points / second
  • Feature:Temperature high speed up within 20 mins, short speed to control reflow and time.
Our  AOI Inspection Machine:
  • Brand Name:  Outline MT-100
  • Qty: 2pcs
  • Function: Through image statistical analysis, character recognition (OCR), IC bridge analysis and colour distance analysis, defects such as missing parts, dislocation, wrong parts, reverse polarity, damage, pollution, less tin, more tin, short circuit and faulty welding can be detected.
  • Feature: Powerful detection and learning function, constantly enrich the database and offline equipment. It can automatically identify the front and back sides of PCB, and detect the double-sided PCB without changing the program, Greatly improve the efficiency of production detection.
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