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Outsourcing and On Call
Outsourcing and On Call
  • Outsourcing focus on increasing your bottom line and leave time-consuming HR functions to us are hiring duties sidetracking your key employees.
  • Are the demanding HR functions overwhelming your HR operations.
  • Outsourcing part or all of the HR function can free your personnel to concentrate on running your business and lessen your business liability.
  • As your trusted HR partner, we help reduce your time to hire and ensure compliance with a multitude of employment laws and regulations.
  • We can take the following tasks off of your shoulders:
  • Contract payroll we take over the legal liabilities and responsibilities as the employer for your 'seconded' employee.
  • We contractually assume the employer responsibilities and risks including:
  • Benefits provision & administration.
  • Employee's compensation insurance & medical insurance.
  • Employer's contribution & administration of pension fund.
  • Handle employment-related inquiries from employees.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Taxation payroll administration the daunting task of payroll administration is usually on the top of most HR practitioners' outsourcing agenda.
  • Organizations with abundant HR capacity looking at a tighter in-house control can chose to outsource only part of their HR functions.
  • Enhanced by our sophisticated in-house payroll system, our dedicated payroll administrators are experts in managing payroll services.
  • Leave this administrative burden to us to achieve more cost-efficiency in your HR operation.
  • We will use our expertise, technology and experience to manage your monthly payroll calculations and other payroll administration tasks including leave recording and reporting.
  • Ad-hoc marketing projects particularly in retail, conference and exhibition industries, ad-hoc mass staffing for a specific marketing campaign is needed from time to time.
  • To allow more time for project leaders to focus on project deliverables, we manage the personnel functions of hiring, oversight, performance evaluation, and overall coordination of these helpers for you.
  • On-call meet contingent workforce demands with one call offering the benefits of employing trained, qualified professionals without the long term cost of permanent personnel, temporary staffing can provide organizations with crucial competitive advantages in the rapidly evolving business environment.
  • This is particularly relevant in situations of shift duty pattern or a sudden skill shortage in some functions.
  • As one of the market leaders in this arena, faro recruitment Hong Kong is entrusted by a wide range of multinational corporations and government organizations, as well as small and medium sized enterprises for their temporary staffing needs.
  • Apart from the general recruitment and swift replacement process, we also advise on HR administration, employee benefits, taxation, laws and regulations of temporary staff.
  • As a value-added service, we provide a total solution - seamless workforce scheduling for multiple shifts and sites.
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