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Professional Sourcing and OEM/ODM Manufacturer - Toys and Games
Professional Sourcing and OEM/ODM Manufacturer - Toys and Games
US $1.00 - US $50.00

GSNMC Co., Limited - Your Manufacturing Partner

Our core business includes, but not limited, to Sourcing, OEM/ODM Manufacturing, Product Development, Tool Making, Inspection and  Consulting.


We act as your sourcing agent and find the right suppliers and products for you. It takes multiple steps to qualify a suitable supplier. First of all, our professional procurement engineer will look at your project docs before initiating Request For Quotation (RFQ) process with our suppliers. If your requirement specifications, drawings or prototype isn’t production ready, we will work with you to get them right to avoid problems in the future. After the full requirements are collected, we will contact a number of suitable suppliers who have the manufacturing expertise and know-how about your product. Followed by gathering costing information, we will request for samples and submit for your approval. Aside from sample review, our team will meet with the management of the qualified suppliers to get the best product in terms of pricing, delivery time and quality for you. 

OEM/ODM Manufacturing

We are proud to tell you that our production facilities in China provide one-stop manufacturing services to our clients around the globe, from plastic injection, spraying, assembly, packaging till shipment. With our "Turnkey Development Service", you literally work with a "worry free" manufacturing partner. Our engineers work interactively and collaboratively with you whether an individual or a well-known and established company looking for some out sourcing help. 

We take your product ideas seriously and turn them into a real product. Our manufacturing philosophy is to invest more resources in the early phase of design. In doing so we can foresee items that may be an issue and streamline the process for time and save cost in the later manufacturing process.

New Product Development

The process of transforming a design concept into a real product is complicated. It involves design verification, 3D drawing,  prototyping, engineering review and testing. We can create computer aided drawing, bread board, mock up, looks-like works-like presentation models and engineering models. We also have an unique ability, and many years’ experience insuring product passes licensing requirements. Incorporating highly skilled traditional model making as well as rapid prototyping with 3D printing, CNC, SLA and FDM machines, GSNMC can start from your idea or sketch and help you to realize your product concept. Our primary objective is to insure before work starts we have a clear direction for the most efficient and timely path for everyone. Whether it is a simple item or more complex with electronic and mechanical components, or even plush, we will deliver beyond your expectation as our ultimate goal.

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GSNMC Co., Limited
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GSNMC Co., Limited

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