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Public Transportation Scheduling System
Public Transportation Scheduling System
US $12.00 - US $15.00

Public Transportation Scheduling System with GIS electronic map, GPS positioning, GPRS/CDMA mobile communications technology as the foundation, through real-time acquisition bus operating vehicle location and status information, combined with the bus vehicle automatic layout and operation plan of the enterprise and realize the vehicle running state of real-time video monitoring and operating line of the vehicle real-time scheduling command, for shipment transit enterprises adjust management to provide accurate digital management and examination means, improve the public transport enterprise operating efficiency and service level.

System functions:

· Design, generation and management of bus route and station information

· Design, generation and management of line operation scheduling plan

· Design, generation and management of vehicle and driver scheduling plans

· Real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicle GPS satellite positioning

· Track recording and playback of vehicle

· Multi-data source wireless GPRS/CDMA real-time data transmission

· Excessive speed, off-line, off-time and other abnormal operation alarms

· Scheduling information release and voice call management

· Graphical GIS field scheduling platform

· Intelligent scheduling and manual command support system

· Comprehensive statistical analysis of vehicle running times, operating on-time rate, operating mileage and non-operating mileage

· Decision-making analysis on optimization of bus network planning and operation scheduling plan

· Service information release

System features:

· Highly advanced, practical, accurate, extensible and maintainable

· Highly scientific in the design, generation and management of operation plan and scheduling execution

· Multi-level integrated intelligent scheduling platform based on GIS

· GPS information retransmission technology ensures the data integrity of the driving track

· GPS inflection point compensation technology ensures the accuracy of vehicle running trajectory

· Design for high stability and anti-interference of on-board equipment system

· CAN bus is adopted for vehicle data transmission to ensure reliable extended connection with automatic station call, passenger flow statistics instrument, IC truck carrier and any other on-board equipment

· Wireless transmission is compatible with both UDP and TCP communication protocols

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