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Start an AME Learning Centers Franchise
Start an AME Learning Centers Franchise
US $10000.00 - US $200000.00

AME Double Cheese

Founded in 2012, AME Double Cheese endeavours to unleash studentsʼ(From K1 to junior high)potential and nurture their passion for Math and STEM in a cheerful and engaging learning environment. Based on “The Next Generation Science Standards”(NGSS)developed in the U.S., our STEM course aims to develop learnersʼ computational thinking through programming games, coding robots, making apps etc., enabling them to “walk with technology towards the light of future”

As the ONLY centre in Hong Kong that offers Problem Solving MathOympic Mathematics)in English, our Active Math Player program is specially designed for children from three to six, where math concepts and logical thinking are learnt through playing games. Within two years, AME has expanded its line of service into two specialty stores, and five education centres, spreading over Hong Kong and China.

  1. Kids Coding:The only one in Hong Kong to provide American NGSS standard programming game course Coding
  2. Problem Solving Math:The only Olypmaid Math course written in English in Hong Kong
  3. Actvie Math Player:The only math course in Hong Kong with a large-scale board game theme

Why choose "AME Double Cheese"?

  • The education market grows and grows, and is not affected by the economy.
  • Parents pay more and more attention to children’s achievements, paving the way for children since childhood.
  • AME students have won many awards, and students have also won international competitions, which are loved by parents.
  • The AME teaching team studied and grew up in the United States and can fully integrate foreign teaching into the Hong Kong learning system.
  • AME can assist in management team and recruitment, etc., making it easy for investors to get started.
  • AME's courses are unique and have repeatedly achieved good results in international mathematics competitions. They are widely welcomed by parents and students. Each branch school attracts many students. The investment payback period is generally less than one and a half years.
  • Assist franchisees to conduct on-site inspections and evaluations of the proposed store location, and select the correct location.
Double Cheese
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Double Cheese

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