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iLanguage provides professional transcription service to turn our audio or visual recording into black and white text format.

Generally an hour of video material transcribes into30 to 40standard pages. The transcription time is based upon the quality of the recording, talking speed, audio fidelity and the purpose of the recording; it is generally five to ten times the length of the original material. Since multiple speakers may be speaking in different accents, there will be personal style and tone changes; sometimes there is background noise, therefore transcribers often need to spend a lot of time replaying particular sentences of the audio recordings.
Transcriptions of audio recordings require a high degree of concentration for it to be flawless and nuanced. During the recording of conversations, if more than one speaker speaks at the same time, this makes the transcriber’s job more challenging.

For the audio transcriber to cope with the differing natures and purposes, proper positioning and guidance must be established in advance. With the exception of any special requirements of customers, for example, translate-and-edit tasks or summaries, we will carry out a verbatim transcription, however certain speech disfluencies or meaningless fillers will generally be omitted.

The iLanguage’s audio recording transcription service has the following characteristics:
(1) In full accordance with the format specified by the customer.
(2) Use of language and punctuation close to that of the written language.
(3) Sentences or words emphasised by speakers will be highlighted in special formats.
(4) Long pauses in speech will be marked with a symbol.
(5) Sighs, laughs or any other sounds made by speakers or other people will be indicated in parentheses.
(6) Each speaker's speech will be marked.
(7) Any other meaningful actions or details will be marked according to the customer's requirements.
(8) Reviews are conducted after the completion of the transcription, to ensure accuracy.
(9) After transcription, the text can also be translated according to the customer's needs.

iLanguage aims to provide the perfect audio recording transcription service to its customers. We take the information and requirements provided by the customer and closely monitor all instructions and needs, so that customers can be at ease and seize every opportunity. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
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