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UNIBIO A / S Patented Technology
UNIBIO A / S Patented Technology
UniWarl Biotechnology Company of Changchun City is a joint venture. It has bought the UNIBIO A / S patented technology from Denmark and advanced equipments from GEA of Germany. They use the microorganisms and take natural gas as the sole carbon source, after fermentation and purification process, to obtain single-cell protein. Currently, the technology is taking a leading position in the world.
The Company’s registered capital is 70 million RMB yuan, and it has more than 430 employees, among whom are: 12 senior engineers, 5 senior accountants, 2 senior economists and 2 senior administrative officers. The establishment of the company has not only filled the gap in using natural gas to produce single cell protein in China, also eased the demand pressure for single-cell protein in world market.
The company sticks to "integrity in business, and morality for the world", and commits itself to build the mutual respect for win-win partnership between Chinese and Denmark enterprises, so as to obtain a good economic benefit in the long run. Due to the increasingly close cooperation between the two countries, the company is likely to become a model joint venture in the future. The company stresses innovation and development, adopts a people-oriented management model to train talented people and create high-quality products, provides high quality services and cultivates the cultural environment to build a famous brand in the company. By implementing the idea of safe, efficient, green, brand management, market competition and industrial development, and comprehensively improving the quality of single cell protein, the company is on the road of higher-quality, and high-value added development. All of these will surely have a positive, practical, significant and far-reaching impact on the enterprises and the local economy.

Brief introduction to single-cell protein
UniProtein(SCP): it uses the microorganisms and takes natural gas as the sole carbon source to obtain dried red-brown, dustless particles with a diameter of 150-200 μm after fermentation and purification process. SCP’s main component (%)is as follows: crude protein—70.6, crude fat—9.8, ash—7.1, crude fiber—0.7, nitrogen-free extract—11.8. It is a non-genetically modified product; and its amino acid composition is reasonable with no special smell and good palatability. Its quality is not subject to seasonal and climatic effects, and therefore has a long shelf life. The product has been approved by the European Commission Directive 95/33/EC as the protein source for fish, beef, pork, chicken and other feed.

Changchun Uniwarl Biotechnology Ltd

Changchun Uniwarl Biotechnology Ltd

Mainland China

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