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Warehouse Sense
Warehouse Sense
  • Sixth Sense’s Warehouse Sense is an application suite designed to optimize warehouse operations. The solutions manage the entire warehouse operation cycle in a real time mode. The System controls warehouse personnel as well as material handling equipment, and operatively generates tasks for users based on a current situation.
  •  Warehouse Sense is a leading-edge system capable of generating recommendations on the optimization of the technological operations in a warehouse as well as manage personnel and material handling equipment in order to achieve highest performance. The system eliminates the need for paper documentation. All documentation is generated, transmitted, processed and optimized in the system and transformed into precise tasks sent individually to operators' terminal screens.
  • Every operation is confirmed and logged into the system by the operator through either scanning a bar code, or entering data via the terminal keyboard. Therefore, information on product quantity and allocation in the warehouse is always accurate and up-to-date, so any mistakes or exceptions can be noted and immediately corrected.
  • The objective of Warehouse Sense is automation of the entire warehouse management cycle - from the point that goods are received at the warehouse up to the delivery of customer's orders. The scope of implementations can vary from basic warehouse control (management system based on paper task-lists) to a complex, full-scale warehouse management system in real time mode using barcode data transmission and material handling equipment that positions technologies and other automation means depending on the customers' needs.
  •  The Warehouse Sense optimizes the put away and storage of inventory through dividing the warehouse into designated areas and utilizing space in the most efficient way. The ability to conduct cycle counting during the regular workday reduces or eliminates the need to shut down operations to conduct a physical inventory count. It allows a unit to increase quantitative and stowage data accuracy to 99.9% while reducing the duration of receiving and shipping operations by 2-3 times.
  • The prime feature of the system to identify correct or wrong product dispatch. The system uses barcode reading functionality to identify whether a correct item dispatched from inventory or not. If any wrong item comes at outward delivery then system detects it and stop to from dispatching.
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