Located in the middle of Guangdong Province, Foshan is at the heart of the Pearl River Delta, which is one of the regions that boasts the strongest economic strength and development potential in China. Foshan enjoys favourable geographic location and convenient transportation, with Guangzhou on the east, and Hong Kong and Macau to the south.

With profound history, Foshan is part of the birthplace of Lingnan culture and has always been praised as the home of ceramic craft, Cantonese opera, martial arts, Cantonese yarn and folk art. Foshan is the main headstream of Southern Chinese martial arts. Famous martial art masters such as Wong Fei-hung, Ye Wen (Ip Man) and Bruce Lee are all from Foshan.

Today, Foshan is a rich, harmonious and livable modern city. In 2017, the city’s GDP reached RMB950bn, ranked 15th in the large and medium-sized cities in China. The total industrial output value of its large-scale industrial enterprises reached more than RMB2trn, ranking sixth in the large and medium-sized cities in China. The household essentials industries serve as important parts in Foshan’s manufacturing. Construction materials, household appliances and furniture products possess comparatively high popularity and international competitiveness in the global market. “Made in Foshan” products such as ceramics, bathroom accessories, air conditioners, fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens, televisions and furniture can easily be found in every household.