Located at the geographic centre of Guangzhou, Tianhe District is recognised as the core of Guangzhou’s metropolitan network with strong technological and economic advancements
Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, is an important national core city, a national historical and cultural city and an international business centre and integrated transportation hub. Guangzhou is also one of the largest and oldest foreign trade ports in Mainland China and a starting point of the Maritime Silk Road. As an important city of the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area and Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, Guangzhou benefits from its title as a “commercial capital for a thousand years” and its proximity to Hong Kong and Macao. It is China’s southern gateway to the world and its openness to the international community attracts a cluster of high-end industries whilst its influence stretches out to the Pan-Pearl River Delta, Southeast Asia and even the Asia Pacific region.

Tianhe District is located at the geographic centre of Guangzhou and is recognised as the core of Guangzhou’s metropolitan network. It is not only the largest economic zone in the city, but also a hub for science and technology innovation. Tianhe also enjoys a superior market-oriented business environment, and excellent ecologically friendly living conditions. Augmented with the two engines of the “headquarters + innovation” economy, Tianhe has become the first choice for investment and business ventures in southern China. Tianhe is also a modern and international district with both traditional and modern urban culture, and Chinese and Western cultures are harmoniously integrated to establish an ideal living place.
Ideal for business and living
Convenient transportation: Tianhe lies at the core of the 1.5-hour economic circle of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River Delta. It takes 30 minutes to reach Guangzhou’s Baiyun Int’l Airport, 15 minutes to Guangzhou South Railway Station, and 90 minutes to Hong Kong by the Intercity Through Train, easily connecting the district to major cities in the country and overseas destinations.

Healthy living: there are seven top-level hospitals, 15 advanced medical services institutions and several community hospitals distributed throughout the district.

Abundant education resources: there are 130 primary and secondary schools, 206 kindergartens, and international schools are now increasing in numbers, meeting the needs for inclusive and personalised education.

A variety of choices for hotels: there are 31 star-rated hotels in the district and 23 internationally renowned high-end hotels (including five-star hotels), making it the district with the most densely packed high-end hotels in Guangzhou.

Excellent environment and rich cultural heritage: per capita occupation of green areas in the district is more than 18 square metres. The Flower City Square in the district is known as “the living room of Guangzhou”, and the 11-kilometre coastline of the Pearl River offers excellent views. The district is also rich in leisure and cultural facilities with 19 parks (including the Tianhe Park and Zhujiang Park), the Guangdong Provincial Museum, Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Guangzhou Library, Guangzhou Children’s Palace, Guangzhou Book Center, Tianhe Sports Centre, Guangdong Olympic Centre and many others.
Engine of economic growth
More than 30 years of rapid growth has brought the district to the forefront of Guangzhou’s economic development. Tianhe has become the city’s technology, capital, talented professional, and service centre. In 2019, Tianhe achieved a GDP of RMB504.74 bn, an increase of eight per cent, ranking second in the province and first in the city for 13 consecutive years, leading other core districts in the country. The added value of tertiary industry accounted for 92 per cent of the regional GDP.

Tianhe is an important centre for the development of the modern service industry and hi-tech industry in the city. Its burgeoning headquarters’ economy is second to none in the city. There are 148 enterprise headquarters in the district, ranking first in the city. Tianhe’s industrial structure is dominated by modern services, augmented with four leading industries including finance, new generation information technology, modern commerce and business services. Concerted efforts have secured strong economic growth with industrial added value accounting for 60 per cent of local GDP. Moreover, rapid development of emerging industries such as cultural creativity, artificial intelligence, new materials and virtual reality has become a new engine for economic growth in Tianhe.
Driven by innovation
Tianhe owns a cluster of innovative resources and is regarded as the “strongest brain” in the Guangzhou–Shenzhen Science and Technology Corridor. The district convenes 38 colleges and universities, 53 national and provincial scientific research institutions, 122 key laboratories, and over 30,000 scientific and technological talented professionals. Hi-tech industries such as IAB (new generation information technology, artificial intelligence and biomedicine) contribute more than 30 per cent of GDP and have become a powerful engine for the high-quality development of the regional economy.

A new-generation of information technology has introduced a new-generation of mobile Internet, next-generation communication technology, high-end software, digital content, big data and cloud computing. The area’s advanced development of Internet of Things, geographic information and VR technology has attracted industry gurus such as NetEase, UC, Guangzhou Radio Group, and Kugou.
Development platforms
Tianhe CBD: Tianhe CBD (central business district) lies in the south-western part of the city and is one of the three national CBDs that go hand in hand with Beijing’s Chaoyang CBD and Shanghai’s Lujiazui CBD. It is an area densely packed with high-end commercial buildings, company headquarters, Fortune 500 companies and financial and business services institutions. No wonder it has become the axis of the new Guangzhou city, and the heart of the “golden triangle” that incorporates three new business zones on both sides of the Pearl River.

Tianhe Road Commerical Circle: Tianhe Road Commercial Circle is regarded as “the first commercial district in Southern China”, and has attracted a large number of stylish shopping malls. More than 70 per cent of the international brands that first entered Guangzhou settled initially in the Circle. In 2019, total commodities sales value in the Circle exceeded RMB1,000bn.

Tianhe Smart City: Tianhe Smart City is located in the northeast of Guangzhou, with Tianhe Software Park as its core establishment. The Park is home to more than 1,800 leading smart enterprises and income generated by animation enterprises and software products accounts for more than 60 per cent of Guangzhou’s total.

Guangzhou Int’l Financial City: the Guangzhou Int’l Financial City is situated at the eastern part of Zhujiang New Town, and is the core of Guangzhou’s regional financial hub and its second CBD. It endeavours to become the most agglomerated financial centre in the country.

Tianhe Intelligence Valley: Tianhe is establishing the Guangdan–Olympic Zone as an innovative and creative industry cluster and a showpiece of Guangzhou’s technology and innovation advancement.
Efficient governments
There are many provincial and municipal government institutions located in Tianhe, including Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, Department of Land & Resources of Guangdong Province, Administration for Industry & Commerce of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality, Guangdong Provincial office, SAT, Guangzhou Municipal Office, SAT, Guangzhou Custom and Guangzhou Administrative Service Center, helping enterprises reduce administrative cost and time when they seek services from governments.

Tianhe District has integrated the administrative resources to strengthen the co-operation with social institutions and deepen the implementation of policies of investment and trade facilitation, taking a lead in carrying out measures like “four certificates combined into one”, “a unified business license with a unified social credit code”, AIC registration with one office cubicle and “Group Registration”. The Tianhe Administrative Service Center provides various civil services and has realised the “one-stop shop for regulatory approval” through the new pattern of “Internet + Administrative Service”. By standardising and optimising the regulatory approval procedures with one-to-one services, Tianhe has provided investors and entrepreneurs with comprehensive, premium and efficient services.

Tianhe will continue to promote innovation, co-ordination, green living, openness and sharing. It will also grasp opportunities coming in from the Greater Bay Area. With economic innovation and competitiveness greatly enhanced, Tianhe vows to join hands with investors to build an even brighter future.

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangzhou Tianhe Committee
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