The Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development (KAPID) was established in Gwangju on March 30th, 2000 with the purpose of the development of South Korea’s photonics industry and the promotion and expansion of relevant businesses.

The Korean government has selected the photonics industry as one of its high-tech industries for the 21st century and has established plans for substantial investment in and for systematic promotion of the photonics industry.

As part of the government’s strong support, the KAPID was set up as a major non-profit organization to promote the photonics industry. The KAPID, will carry out diversified efforts to nurture and develop South Korea’s photonics industry and promote relevant businesses and will do the best to help South Korea achieve its vision of becoming the three biggest photonics centres of the world.
Major Business
1. Provision of Statistics Information
  • To establish the infrastructure which provides the knowledge
    Helping companies develop higher value-added convergence products and establishing the foundation on which South Korea can dominate global photonics-IT convergence market, considered as promising for the future, by developing photonics-IT convergence technologies and relevant one and by providing such technologies to businesses
  • Provision of support to promote the photonics industry and to conduct statistical research analyses
    Securing and strengthening the competitiveness of South Korean photonics industry by the provision of statistical research analyses into the photonics industry, promotion of the industry, analysis into technological trends of market leaders and market trends of each photonics product, research and analysis of the industry, and high-end information
  • Establish photonics convergence hubs
    Formation of the network between main agents of the photonics convergence industry and improvement of the effectiveness of the network by establishing the infrastructure centred on the system to provide integrated photonics-related information
2. Support to promote the photonics industry
  • Promotion of the products under the common brand name of the photonics industry “LUXKO”
    Strengthening the competitiveness of the products under the common brand name of the photonics industry and seeking the increase in their sales through promotional activities
  • The Photonics Industry Exhibition Hall
    The Photonics Industry Exhibition Hall is used to display all about the photonics industry, to help people, including experts and overseas buyers, have better understanding about the photonics industry, and to provide an opportunity for a better marketing chance.
3. Marketing Support
  • Marketing of leading industries and international cooperation projects
    Increasing sales of the companies which have developed technologies for photonics convergence and photonics-related businesses in Korea and strengthening their marketing competitiveness through domestic and overseas marketing support
  • To support overseas marketing of the photonics industry
    Helping photonics companies in Gwangju to be independent in the global market through overseas marketing support and enhancing the competitiveness of domestic photonics companies and increasing sales of their products through the collaboration of networks with major markets of the world
  • To strengthen the competitiveness of the LED industry
    Establishing the system to carry out innovation for small- and mid-sized photonics companies in Korea after analysing the technological and industrial competitiveness of photonics convergence industry and facilitating the commercialization of technologies by transferring outstanding technologies to companies
  • To install LED lights in Gwangju
    Promotion of LED lights in Korea to save energy and to be eco-friendly
  • Marketing bases in overseas
    Establishment of Overseas marketing support system with 20 overseas marketing bases in 15 countries, with selective choice and concentration.
4. Other Support Projects
  • Support for commercialization of photonics convergence technologies
  • Forums for collaboration between the industry, academia, and research institutes to manage the LED convergence industry
  • Providing support to local businesses which engage in locally specialized industries
  • To create the manpower in the photonics industry