After years of hard work in building and strengthening various areas, Nanhu District of Jiaxing City in Zhejiang Province has become a remarkable area in the Yangtze River Delta that cannot be ignored
Nanhu District is a key area in Jiaxing City of Zhejiang Province. It has a total area of 439 square kilometres, four towns, nine sub-districts and a registered population of 508,800. Nanhu is the birthplace of the Majiabang culture (a Chinese Neolithic culture) and the Confucian business culture. The first National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held on a red tourist boat in Nanhu. Painters Wu Zhen and Pu Hua, scholar Shen Zengzhi, mathematician Chen Xingshen, environmentalist Shen Duo, novelist Jin Yong and many other famous Chinese had studied or lived there.

During the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, Nanhu worked towards developing itself into a modern idyllic urban area, building and strengthening various areas (namely scientific and technological innovation, reform and opening up, liveability and ease of conducting business, and shared development) and continuously laying the foundations for becoming an area that is modern, significant and rich in socialism.

A core area for scientific and technological innovation
Nanhu is speeding up its economic transformation and upgrade, and gradually improving its economic aggregate and quality. It has established a centralised area for the national inspection, testing and hi-tech service industries, a county-level pilot area for national intellectual property projects, an experimental area for national sustainable development, an advanced area for the improvement of national technologies, a provincial-level demonstration area for financial innovation, a provincial-level pilot urban area for innovation and a provincial-level demonstration area for e-commerce.

Nanhu has five distinctive and competitive agricultural industries including the melon and fruit industry and the aquatic product industry. It has established the national agricultural science and technology park, which is the only one in the entire province. A leading industry featuring a new generation of electronic information technologies and intelligent equipment manufacturing has emerged in Nanhu. The district’s gross output value of industries above the designated size exceeds RMB100bn, while the proportion of the R&D expenditure in its GDP has ranked the highest in Jiaxing City and has been at the forefront of the province for a number of years. The Jiaxing Science and Technology City is a national demonstration base for innovation and entrepreneurship and a key innovation platform at the provincial level.

Nanhu’s modern service industry comprises characteristic streets, areas, commercial buildings and urban economic parks. Meanwhile, its new urban industry is represented by financial services, e-commerce and tourism. Both industries are rapidly developing. Nanhu Fund Town is among the first batch of characteristic towns in Zhejiang Province.
A pioneering area for reform and opening-up
Innovative, daring and willing to try, Nanhu focuses on reforming important areas and key segments. The district has taken the lead in the entire province in spearheading a pilot reform of centralising administrative permission rights. It has established a district bureau of administrative approval and launched the “single official seal of approval” initiative to streamline approval processes of government matters. Ninety-four per cent of government matters require applicants to visit relevant governmental departments in person for once at most. In addition, Nanhu is the first in Mainland China to launch the reform of “one licence for all”, which covers 17 different industries. Such reform is named the “Nanhu Model” by the Reform Office of the Provincial Party Committee and is replicated and adopted by others.

Nanhu is also a national pioneer in reforming the police force and is continuing to deepen the reform, which is now called the “Nanhu Example”. Meanwhile, Nanhu continues to accelerate the reform of its investment and financing system and has founded a government property fund of funds and Mainland China’s first insurtech company, Taiping Science and Technology Insurance Company.
A liveable and business-friendly ecological area
While adhering to green development and advancing ecological civilisation, Nanhu is improving both urban and rural environments. It redevelops old residential and industrial areas and villages, demolishes illegal buildings, as well as treats sewage, prevents floods, controls water logging, ensures water supplies and promotes water conservation. The functions and quality of both urban and rural areas are improving continuously. More than 40 per cent of peasant households have already migrated to urban areas.

Nanhu has established itself as a national garden demonstration city, a national model city in the promotion of greening and a national sanitary city. Nanhu’s level of urban greening is at the forefront of the country, which means the district is becoming a greener and better place for people to live and work. Nanhu is equipped with first-class public facilities, including the First Hospital of Jiaxing, museums and an international tennis centre. Its eco tourist attractions are highly impressive too, which include the Nanhu Scenic Area (level 5A), Yuehe Street Area (level 5A), Meihuazhou Scenic Area (level 4A) and Xiangjiadang Tourist Resort Area (level 4A).

In recent years, Nanhu has aimed at developing itself into a beautiful village. As such, it is improving both urban and rural environments, as well as building new rural areas. In addition to keeping the district clean and tidy, Nanhu is putting its demonstration areas and distinctive routes together to build itself into a beautiful village and a liveable place with blue skies, beautiful environment and clean water.

A demonstration area for shared development
Nanhu is committed to the all-round development of its people, promoting the equalisation of its public services, creating a fair, righteous, harmonious and stable social environment, and enhancing the sense of happiness, security and satisfaction of its people.

Nanhu is honoured with titles including “National Civilised City”, “District with Outstanding Educational Performance”, “District with Outstanding Sports Performance” and “Advanced Cultural District”. It has become one of the first elderly-friendly places in the entire province and has established a national advanced unit of traditional Chinese medicine services for the grassroots level and a basic modernised educational zone in the province. For 13 executive years, Nanhu has provided safety and security for its citizens and has won the “Golden Quadripod”, an award that recognises Nanhu as a safe place in the province.

Furthermore, Nanhu’s public cultural service system continues to improve. A special contribution award was given to Nanhu by the Chinese Chorus Association. The district’s 96345 Community Service Center passed the acceptance of the pilot project on the standardisation of national service industries with flying colours. A batch of brands established by the Chinese Communist Party, including Red Cube and Red Agent, provides a solid guarantee for shared development.