Advantageously situated in the emerging Grand Bay economic corridor in Zhejiang Province, Yuecheng’s strengths lie in hi-tech manufacturing and development, well-developed industries such as healthcare and environmental protection, as well as its pleasant living environment
Yuecheng District is the political, economic and cultural centre of Shaoxing City in Zhejiang Province of Mainland China, covering an area of 493 square kilometres with a population of 760,000. The district has five towns, 11 sub-districts, 292 villages, 105 communities and 80 residents committee under its administration.

There are five national-level projects located at Yuecheng, namely Shaoxing National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shaoxing Paojiang National Development Zone, National Famous Historical and Cultural City, Mount Xianglu National Forest Park and Jianhu Lake National Wetland Park.

In 2019, the whole district generated a total output value of RMB94.41bn with a gross industrial output value of RMB126.8bn. Its investment value in fixed assets totalled RMB47.14bn, along with a total retail turnover of RMB55.58bn and a gross foreign export value of RMB45bn.

Three new urban districts — the High-tech Zone, Paojiang Zone and Jinghu Zone — in Yuecheng are thriving with industry clusters and the construction of high-rise buildings. Recently, Yuecheng has ushered in the economic era of the Grand Bay in Zhejiang. As one of the core blocks connecting Hangzhou, Shanghai and Ningbo, Yuecheng is pushing forward with exciting new developments.
Geographical advantages
The construction of the Grand Bay is currently under way in Yuecheng District (Hi-tech Zone and Paojiang Development Zone), incorporating the surrounding areas in order to develop and increase opportunities in an expansive economic corridor.

In order to better integrate into the Grand Garden, Grand Channel and metropolitan area of the Grand Bay, Shaoxing is creating an open and outbound transport system and implementing a fast link and inter-city express rail service and a Hangzhou–Ningbo transport node. People will be able to commute from one end of the urban area to the other by car in 30 minutes, as well as drive to Hangzhou and Ningbo in 30 minutes and to Shanghai in an hour.

Key development zones
As ground zero for the construction of “one district and two corridors” in Shaoxing, Yuecheng District has two national-level development zones, namely the Shaoxing National High-tech Industrial Development Zone and the Shaoxing Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, in addition to Jinghu Core Zone. These zones focus on hi-tech industries and innovative development, industrial transformation and upgrade, as well as smart city development.

Shaoxing National High-tech Industrial Development Zone
The predecessor of the Shaoxing National High-tech Industrial Development Zone was the Shaoxing Economic Development Zone, which was established in August 1992 after receiving approval from the Provincial Government. It was upgraded to the National High-tech Development Zone in November 2010. As a modern commercial centre and hi-tech development area, the zone is a magnet for both talent and businesses.

Shaoxing Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Zone
In April 2010, the Paojiang Development Zone was upgraded to a national-level economic and technological development zone. It is one of the largest development zones in Zhejiang Province, with a total planned area of 66 square kilometres. Its leading industries include energy saving and environmental protection, healthcare and medical devices and new materials.

Jinghu Core Zone
With the aim of building a core district of a first-tier city and a new landmark district with a planned area of 50 square kilometres, the Jinghu Core Zone is the location of the municipal administrative centre and the new centre for the city-industry integrated development of the bay area economy.

Core industrial platforms
Integrated circuits
Zhejiang Province has established its integrated circuit industry as a means to promote the digital economy and has promulgated the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry.

Shaoxing’s integrated circuit industrial chain is relatively complete, covering design, manufacturing equipment, packaging, testing and other areas. The development of the integrated circuit industry in Yuecheng District particularly stands out as the district is actively promoting the rapid development of the industry with a plan to build a new industrial platform of integrated circuits.

Start-ups and business development
Yuecheng District has 10 sci-tech incubators, with the Yuecheng District Sci-tech Venture Center, Shaoxing High-tech Venture Service Center and Shaoxing Sci-tech Venture Center (Paojiang Sci-tech Venture Center) ranked as national level. The district is also home to 18 municipal level and above Makerspaces, 262 research centres, 150 national hi-tech enterprises and 844 provincial sci-tech SMEs. In addition, there are six main-board listed enterprises and 15 NEEQ-listed enterprises. Fourteen entrepreneurs have been selected for the national “Thousand Talents Program”, 21 have been selected for the provincial “Thousand Talents Program” and 160 have been selected for the “Shaoxing Overseas Elite Program”.
Leading manufacturing industries
In recent years, Yuecheng District has cultivated a number of new industries and accelerated the integration of new and old economies. It has also implemented a bilateral development strategy involving the high-end manufacturing industry and modern service industry and ushered in both quantitative and qualitative improvements, laying a solid foundation for green economic development.

In the high-end manufacturing industry, leading industries have been established, such as electronic information, energy saving and environmental protection, healthcare and medical devices, and new materials.

Electronic information industry
With the breakthrough of integrated circuits, the electronic information industry has brought forth a number of recognised enterprises covering design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, such as SMIC, Zhejiang BOE, HISING, Opus Optoelectronics and Hongbang Electronics. The comprehensive construction of SMIC integrated circuit manufacturing has received a first-phase investment of RMB5.88bn and is accelerating the establishment of a 100-billion-dollar industry with an IC town as its core.

Energy saving and environmental protection industry
The energy saving and environmental protection industry has formed a number of sub-sectors such as desulphurisation and denitrification sewage treatment, garbage treatment and soil remediation. In addition, it has led to the creation of many enterprises such as TUNA, Sunny World Green Lighting and Qicai Environment.

Healthcare and medical devices industry
The healthcare and medical devices industry mainly covers medical materials, medical devices, biomedicine and other related areas. Presently, there are two provincial key enterprise research institutes, namely Mingzhong Institute of Biomedical Materials and Instruments and Minfound Institute of Nuclear Medical Imaging Systems. The institutes have gathered major enterprises such as Spain’s Esteve, Zhenyuan, Careyou Medical, Zhengde Surgical Dressing, Fullcare Haisheng Medical and Kangzhi Biology.

New materials industry
The new materials industry in Yuecheng has produced new textile materials, new energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials and new chemical materials. The industry includes key enterprises, such as Guxiandao, Sanyuan and Jiaren New Materials and it is building the largest recycling fibre production and research base in Mainland China.

Machinery and equipment industry
The machinery and equipment industry mainly includes automotive spare parts, motorcycle aluminium wheels, small and medium fans, shaft bearings and small and special electrical machines. Yuecheng District is home to enterprises such as Const Instruments Technology Inc, Paixiang Precision Machinery, Jieshan Science & Technology, Bo Meng Seiko, Zhongqi Machinery, Huajian Mattress Machinery and Ruiyuan Aerospace Electromechanical.

Modern service industry
In Yuecheng’s modern service industry, culture is the link between the ancient city and the new city as cultural travel and tourism are strongly integrated. Yuecheng District is advertising the historical and cultural connotations of the ancient city, cultivating local towns and creating a unique cultural and artistic experience.
Government administrative support
Yuecheng District will centre on the major platforms of the Grand Bay, Grand Garden, Grand Channel, greater metropolitan area and the “Two Corridors and One Belt” to promote professional investment and aggregate chained investment. It attaches equal importance to attracting and retaining investment and to promote investment through enterprises and the return of local investors.

In addition, Yuecheng District is working to deepen the reform of “one stop, one trip, one paper” and is comprehensively promoting “one window, whole city, one certificate, mobile” administrative services to further optimise the environment for development and implement full coverage of efficient and convenient administrative services.

Suitable living environment
Blue skies and white clouds are plentiful in Yuecheng. The proportion of the numbers of days with fairly good air quality is up to 83 per cent. The ecological index was 78.4, which is rated as excellent.

Yuecheng has witnessed great historical changes in Shaoxing over the past 40 years since the opening-up and reform. Developing from “one city and one district” to “one city and three districts” has always been a key strategy for the urban construction of Shaoxing. People in Yuecheng enjoy a well and stable life as the balanced development of education, culture, medical services and old-age care help to make the district suitable for both work and living.

The district has built a national, provincial, municipal and district-level digital campus demonstration system, with seven higher education institutions such as Shaoxing University, seven senior high schools and six secondary vocational schools, as well as 18 junior high schools and 50 primary schools.

Medical services
Yuecheng District is optimising its medical resource allocation and improving the level of regional medical services. The city’s first-grade medical services are gathered here. There are five 3A-grade hospitals, one 3B-grade hospital and three 2-grade hospitals. A plan has also been made for another 2A-grade hospital in the district. The district leads the city in regional comprehensive medical level.

Commerce and trade
The district has built business circles such as Jiefang Road, Didang, Jinghu, Chengnan, North Huancheng Road and Shiji Street where large urban commercial complexes are located, including Shimao Plaza, Jindi Intime City, Suning Plaza and Go City.

  • One of the top ten charming cities in Mainland China
  • United Nations Habitat Award City
  • One of the first batch of state-level historical and cultural cities
  • One of the first batch of excellent tourist cities in Mainland China
  • The happiest city in Mainland China, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Best commercial city in Mainland China
  • National civilised city
  • National health city