Promoting the economic and social development of Yunnan Province

Yunnan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce of China (Yunnan Provincial General Chamber of Commerce of China) was founded in January 1954. It is a business association organised by Yunnan Province’s industrial and business communities and served as a home for the province’s entrepreneurs. It is a member of the Yunnan Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. As of 2020, there are 16 prefecture-level and 148 county-level federations of industry and commerce in the province. Altogether there are more than 90,453 members including 34,063 corporate members, 2,942 group members and 53,448 individual members.

To promote the economic and social development of Yunnan and nurture the province’s private enterprises, Yunnan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce:
  • Participates in discussions on national affairs and key economic and social issues in Yunnan; contributes suggestions to the formulation of relevant laws, decrees and regulations; and assists in their implementation
  • Implements national laws, decrees and regulations; practises self-discipline education; advocates patriotism, devotion to work and abidance by the law; helps members to establish social reputations
  • Represents and protects the legal rights of members; voices their opinions and requests
  • Provides services related to information, technology, talent, management, accounting, auditing and training to individual and corporate members
  • Sets up funds to offers loan guarantee to private enterprises to support their development
  • Strengthens communication with domestic and international business associations, communities and entrepreneurs to foster relationships and promote economic co-operation

Yunnan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce cordially welcomes industrial and business communities at home and abroad to visit and co-operate with Yunnan for a prosperous future.