Anji County is located in the northwest part of Zhejiang Province in Mainland China. After nearly 40 years of development, the county has formed a complete industrial chain for efficient utilisation of bamboo. It is known as Mainland China’s chair industry township as well as the country’s first bamboo township

Located at the geographic centre of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, Anji is an important northwest node of Hangzhou’s urban economic circle and also a pilot open area of low-altitude airspace. At present, Anji, along with Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Huzhou and other surrounding medium- and large-sized cities, constitutes parts of the three-hour and one-hour traffic circles. Transportation infrastructure is continually being upgraded to make transportation to and from Anji faster and more convenient. The Shanghai–Hefei–Hangzhou High-speed Railway will be completed and opened in 2019, transporting passengers from Anji to Shanghai in only 40 minutes. Furthermore, the Intercity Rail Transit Project to Hangzhou has been incorporated into the traffic development plans of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City. The Xitiaoxi Channel, one of the seven major rivers in Zhejiang Province, is interconnected with the Beijing–Hangzhou Grand Canal, and the Anji International Logistics Park of Shanghai Port, with an annual throughput of 600,000 standard shipping containers, enables 1,200 tonnages of ships to reach Shanghai Port directly.

Anji has received many titles of recognition, such as China’s First Eco-county, the only UN Habitat Award-winning County, the first batch of Eco-civilisation Construction Demonstration Sites in China, the first batch of Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Counties in China, China’s White Tea Town, China’s Chair Industry Town, China’s Outdoor Sports Base, China’s Eco-film and Television Base, China’s Bamboo Flooring Capital, the National Sustainable Development Experimental Zone, National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base (Furniture) in Zhejiang, National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base (Bamboo Products) and Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration County in Zhejiang.

Chair industry and green bamboo industry

The green home industry is a combination of two large-scale industries: the chair industry and the green bamboo industry. It was founded as a modern industrial system and is the pillar industry, basic industry and leading industry of Anji. Its total output value has exceeded RMB50bn. Due to the success of its green home industry, Anji has the reputation of China’s First Bamboo Township, Chair Industry Township and Bamboo Flooring Capital. In addition, the county has four enterprises listed on the main boards in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and 13 enterprises listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (“New Third Board”).

In 2018, the sales revenue of the Anji chair industry reached RMB39.4bn, and now it has become the largest office chair production base in the world. The products were used for the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the BRICS Summit in Xiamen, the Shanghai Qingdao Summit, the Russian World Cup and the World Internet Conference. On 1 March, the first high-speed railway train named “Anji Chair Industry” made its first trip from Shanghai Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station, marking the first high-speed railway publicity event in Mainland China aimed at promoting a brand of industrial manufacturing clusters.

Anji is famous for bamboo. There is 1.08 million mu of bamboo forests in the county. After nearly 40 years of development, Anji has formed a complete industrial chain for efficient utilisation of bamboo, with the chain being divided into eight series of more than 3,000 varieties of the plant. In 2018, the output value of the bamboo industry reached RMB22.5bn, with 1.8 per cent of the country’s bamboo accounting for 20 per cent of the total output of bamboo in the country.

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