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Bright colours and big sizes are in for fashion accessories in 2023 Spring 2023 is a body-con season for clothes and many types of jewellery. Look for body chains adorned on bare midriffs or threaded through cut-outs and under corsets, while arm bands will draw attention to the biceps. At the same time, both hoop earrings and chokers growing to enormous proportions, and chain link pendant for women, as well as men, will grow in size too. We’ll see necklaces and pendants sometimes layered but most piled up comprising rings and bangle stacks, often in rainbow-bright colours. The use of natural materials, wood, shells, and stone, stood in direct contrast to the glitzy 1980s-style with set the tone for 2022. Fringes continue to be popular (some of it in traditional tassel form) as are floral motifs. This season had a silver touch, but it was the use of leather in jewellery making feel all new; perhaps it will develop into a full-blown trend for fall in 2023. For jewellery parts and tools contact Sourcing today for the finest suppliers and products now.
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