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Creating the right look and ambience for parties

Look for bright and colourful pennant flags as this type of party decor continues to spike in popularity in 2022. They’re great as place settings, centrepieces, and party favours. The arch trend will continue to go strong in 2022 as well. You’ll see them used in graphics, invitations, signs, table numbers or cake toppers. There are so many fun ways to drop in arches throughout your event. Balloon clouds and clusters will be the fun way to celebrate in 2022. Hanging signage from a metal stand, rather than placing it on an easel is another hot trend. Investing in a stand you can reuse might not be a bad idea, or purchase one and then share with friends when they host events. Light up your party scene next year with neon signs, which are quickly growing in popularity. They’re perfect for backdrops and beverage areas and are often fully customisable. A whole world of party supplies awaits at Sourcing, including festival gift bags, surprise bag trick joke gift and toy, party karaoke dual 8 with light and Bluetooth Speaker plus so much more.
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