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LEDs and health-enhancing lighting to revolutionise the industry The global lighting industry is huge and always looking for new innovations. Here is what to expect in the coming years. There will be a growing shift away from incandescent and fluorescent lights towards light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with this technology advancing more quickly than any other type of bulb in the past. Lighting integrations in stores attract, engage and retain customers longer by completely transforming commercial spaces at the press of a button, so businesses can now create and deliver endless scene settings that make their spaces constantly new and dynamic. Colourbeam, the patented DMX processor and circadian lighting application, can work together in tandem to continually transition light emitted by various fixtures to accurately replicate the colour of the sun in order to stimulate or suppress the body’s natural hormones, resulting in healthier and happier employees or guests. Partner with Sourcing today to gain access to festive & decorative lighting, indoor lighting, light bulbs & tubes, lighting accessories, outdoor lighting, professional lighting and so much more.
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