6 Essential Electronics For The Car

Hong Kong suppliers have all the right equipment to improve the car ride experience for both drivers and passengers, from providing spectacular entertainment and unbeatable audio to important emergency features.

The CDV100 combo dash camera from Kenxen Digitech Ltd will capture everything that happens on the road. The front camera measures 55x90x26.5mm and features a super wide-angle lens of 167 degrees, while the rear camera measures 22x55x28mm. Both cameras utilise superb low light sensors and safer supercapacitors for power rather than Li-ion batteries.

2. Rechargeable jump starter

A flat car battery will no longer be a worry thanks to the EDLC (electric double layer capacitor) jump starter (model AMG-EDLC) from Just Quality Battery Ind’l Co Ltd. Measuring 220x108x48mm, the jump starter has a spark-proof automatic safety protection system and a lifespan of up to 10 years. The rechargeable device has a jump start current of 12V/800A and can jump start petrol vehicles up to 5,000cc or diesel vehicles up to 3,000cc in a matter of seconds.

3. Two-way woofer component set

Get crisp, bold tones with this Riesen-branded 6.5in two-way woofer component set (model PMB-62HFW) supplied by Can Products Co Ltd. The set has a maximum power of 250W and features an aluminium die-cast basket, a neodymium magnet, a glass fiber cone with rubber edges and a 2in silk dome tweeter with an aluminium frame. 

4. AVN entertainment player

Passengers will stay entertained on long car rides with the 1 DIN 10.1in Universal 101-120C AVN player from Soling Int’l Ind’l Ltd. Compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, the player features a maximum video resolution of 1,920×1,080P/H264, AM/FM/RDS functionality, Hi-Fi lossless audio and an 8-band equaliser.

5. Digital signal processor and two-way coaxial speakers

Hong Kong Victoria Int’l Audio & Video Industry Ltd’s 31-band digital signal processor (model DSP-BQ4804, left ) comes with a built-in four channel 40W car amplifier, four-channel high-level inputs, eight-channel low-level inputs, two-channel RCA lowlevel input as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The 6in two-way coaxial speakers (model CO-6052) feature 1in ASV heat-resistant voice coils, sensitivity of 89dB, a frequency response from 92Hz to 20KHz and maximum power of 120W.

6. Portable rugged tablet

This 7in portable rugged tablet (model Q7) from Waysion Corp Ltd is ideal for working on the road. Made from ABS, the tablet sports a Qualcomm quad-core high-performance processor, 2G RAM, 16G storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G compatibility and runs an Android operating system.

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