China Unveils Support To Resume Production Following Pause For Coronavirus

China Unveils Support To Resume Production Following Pause For Coronavirus

In a joint effort to lessen the impact of COVID-19’s effects on production, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Medical Products Administration and the National Intellectual Property Administration declared a series of initiatives to aid manufacturers. If your business sources products or materials from China and/or manufactures products in China, here’s how these new measures may benefit you:

  • Registration procedures may now be completed online in addition to mobile, mail or in-person arrangements. Registration for businesses producing supplies to combat the epidemic will receive special arrangements
  • Businesses that are ready for production but cannot supply the quoted upon materials will receive an extension to submit the missing quotas
  • Administrative license procedures and examinations will be simplified for manufacturers switching to the production of emergency supplies
  • Businesses seeking to change their license registration details will receive a grace period of one month after the epidemic ends
  • International and domestic standards for exported goods will be converged and expedited to assist export-centric enterprises
  • Crackdown on random fee-charging and price hiking practices (especially for manufacturers of masks and other medical supplies during the epidemic)
  • The reduction or exemption of certain technical service fees

For more details about China’s new production support measures, click here.


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